Blues Baton - killer bass TG remix

Remix step #5 (playing)


TeeGee280 jams Supporter
+ 14
This is a remix, I took Ernies clean bass track and run it through some amp simulators and some other effects to get that dirty sound that I like. I know it is a matter of taste and probably most prefer a clean sound, but I like guitar and bass to sound that way :D Thanks Ernie, Ray and Ake for the great template, and sorry again for 4 minutes of wailing solo guitar ;) . P.S. Ray love the 16th notes you did on the h-hat, very cool.


October 11 2016 03:02:13
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho. TG_Strat, legal
+0 October 11 2016 03:09:42 francisco al TeeGee
Thanks :)
October 06 2016 11:59:27
sehr abgefahren ....
+1 October 11 2016 03:10:15 saxvandie TeeGee
Danke :)
September 20 2016 19:44:05
seeehr coool von euch allen ;o)
+1 October 11 2016 03:10:39 Uloisius TeeGee
September 12 2016 14:19:02
Great mix TG!! I like both, this and the clean version. This fits a bit better in that raw blues :)

September 12 2016 12:09:08
Great playing TG! moody solo's m8 ;) nice1 :)
+1 September 12 2016 12:23:31 incivanpico TeeGee
Thanks man :) I would have gladly reduced the soloing if someone with a a deep bluesy voice would have sung on this track ;)
September 12 2016 10:02:44
sounds really good!

September 11 2016 22:14:30
sounds great!
+1 September 12 2016 00:31:09 bhunt1 TeeGee
Thanks :)
September 11 2016 22:10:30
very cool remix! I like your raw apporach on this one the lead parts shine fine stuf! :)
+1 September 12 2016 00:31:25 frenzie TeeGee
Thank mate :)
September 11 2016 21:18:29
You remix sounds fantastic in my cheap Samson SR850 headphones, really good headphones for the price honestly.
+1 September 11 2016 21:32:41 akethesnaker TeeGee
Cheers Ake, your input is much appreciated!
September 11 2016 20:15:23
Seriously? You played a solo all the way through? Shame, shame... lol. It actually sounds incredible good. Great play and mix TG !!
+1 September 11 2016 21:36:26 Psycho TeeGee
Yeah I was waiting for you to comment, already on the first upload a few days ago :) On one hand I knew you'd understand, being a serial 4-minute soloer yourself, but on the other hand I knew what was coming, with me always commenting on long solos and all :D I promise I won't do that again for at least a few uploads :D :D :D
September 11 2016 22:11:43 Psycho frenzie
come on let it out it you soloing is fun on wiki :) :D
September 12 2016 02:48:52 Psycho Psycho
"Serial Soloer"... I love it !! :) :D
September 12 2016 20:20:08 Psycho frenzie
You should keep that nick it's one to wear with pride :)
September 12 2016 20:28:09 Psycho TeeGee
Yes Psycho the serial soloer has a ring to it :D
September 12 2016 22:53:33 Psycho TeeGee
You could be "Franzie The Riffer" :D
September 13 2016 03:30:23 Psycho Psycho
Ok, ok... I get the I shall redeem myself ;)
September 13 2016 07:25:31 Psycho frenzie
Sorry but seriously that was not the point! You keep on playing those great tracks brother just like you always did!
September 13 2016 07:56:54 Psycho TeeGee
Lol don't worry Frenzie we are just playing. Bruce will do his thing and we will keep talking about it :D. We love Psycho

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