Beyond the Ocean &

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Stef1141 jams
step I
Flute & Flute:
Pewi746 jams
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This magical track of " Stef " I want for myself :) :)Thank you Stef for this big adventure over the sea:)
All played with the EWI.
the first sound is called "shakuhachi" this is a Japanese end -blown flute .
I hope the EWI is not dominant.


francisco al
bom complemento Pewi. bom trabalho+2
September 13 2016 11:34:17
francisco al
Pewi Oh, muito obrigado , para o seu lixo:) +1
September 15 2016 19:10:48
francisco al
francisco al I value any work. every job has its value.
Pewi amigo
September 17 2016 20:37:15
francisco al
francisco al palavra complemento. é completou. está completo +1
September 17 2016 22:17:30
francisco al
Pewi I'm very sorry , of Googel translator has translated something else than what I meant! I wish you a beautiful Sunday! +0
September 20 2016 09:22:49
francisco al
francisco al And a good Sunday to you too friend +1
God ! this music tears me inside. Rafts and boats are so fragile with the waves. Japanese flute is beautiful in this piece. I love that sound although stef & you make me cry.+2
September 13 2016 11:41:38
Pewi Actually, I am pleased that this music triggers emotions , but I hope you can too :) smile Thank you for your personal Comentar ! +0
September 13 2016 11:52:06
Caroljoyce Yes, i can. I can laugh as easier as i can cry... +1
Great add, Pewi! The piece is so wonderful!!+1
September 12 2016 15:07:08
Pewi I thank you very much my friend ! +1
Peter, thanks for giving new life to this track ! The sounds that you gift here are MAGICAL and wonderfully played!! I'll tell you that when I created this piece I had in mind the drama of all those poor people facing the sea in makeshift boats in the hope of a better life .... with all the fear and hope at the same time that the sea will may give! Thanks again for your wonderful contribution ! :)+1
September 12 2016 16:32:16
Caroljoyce Magnifique. congratulations Stef for this jewel. +1
September 12 2016 16:47:01
Stef Thanks a lot Carol for your nice words! :) +0
September 13 2016 11:32:41
Pewi Hi Stef , I am delighted that I have understood your music. I love the poetry of your compositions!
( Do you know "I Pooh" ?This Italian band I adore for almost 40 years, only because of their music , I can not Italian .:):)
September 14 2016 21:32:49
Stef Thank you so much Peter! Sure is a historic active for decades Italian band that has made the history of Italian melodic pop ... :) +1
Beautiful music Peter,and such an amazing track from you two super Muso's:);)+1
September 13 2016 11:43:04
Pewi Hey Peter , nice to hear from you my friend . Thank you very much for the compliment:) +1
great ad - sounds fantastic :)+1
September 13 2016 11:43:56
Pewi Ich freue mich sehr, dass du bei mir reinhörst und dass es dir gefällt. +0
So So só lovely! Fantástica add Peter! Great Job!!! :)+1
September 13 2016 11:46:23
Pewi Hi João , this kind of music can be many interpretations to options and I like that . Thank you for the nice compliment.:) +0
Excellent Pewi - perfect add to this.... great atmospheriics - very well done :)+1
September 13 2016 11:47:52
Pewi Hi Paul , I thank you for listening and the compliment . +0
so dreamy :)+1
September 13 2016 11:48:34
Pewi Vielen Dank fürs Reinhören:) +1
Amazing talent!+1
September 17 2016 11:43:04
Pewi I am honored:):) +1

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