~Motor City Blues~

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Hello everyone,

My Dad is from Detroit. We use to visit back in the 1980's. It was like noting I have ever seen. Downtown square completely abandoned and burnt out, like an apocalyptic movie set! It's good to see that Detroit is on its way back as center for the artist community :)

As for the music; I have been focusing on single handed 16th notes to unlock my fear of the blues. Three years ago I started playing open handed (lead on my high hat with my left hand). I was a bit reluctant to do the 16th notes on the hats, but now that fear is gone. via so much practice. Thanks Wikiloops!

Thanks to Ake for this awesome Blues/Rock anthem, I gave a little modern touch in the intro and outro, needs bass, more guitar, vocals, keys.......




September 14 2016 11:27:59
StefStef SUPER! :)

September 14 2016 00:36:41
PsychoPsycho Too cool !!

September 13 2016 21:29:02
UloisiusUloisius yeeaaah ;o)

September 13 2016 20:57:27
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent drums Ray! Great track!! It deserves a few neat cool adds !! :):)
+1 September 14 2016 07:52:27 frankyguitarrp3drums
Thanks Buddy!
September 13 2016 17:36:29
Ernie440Ernie440 Wicked add Ray, Happy Bluesday to you for this one!! :)
+1 September 13 2016 17:37:39 Ernie440rp3drums
Oh yeah it is Tuesday! Awesome...
September 13 2016 17:44:51 Ernie440Ernie440
haha don't pretend you didn't know!! :P
September 13 2016 16:47:29
GuadañaGuadaña Great drumin' here mate!!
+1 September 13 2016 17:22:06 Guadañarp3drums
thanks buddy! Needs some wicked lead guitar??
September 13 2016 17:28:20 GuadañaGuadaña
It's on the list ;)
September 13 2016 16:12:58
titititi Bravo Ray !!!
+1 September 13 2016 17:22:26 titirp3drums
Thanks titi...
September 13 2016 16:05:58
RickplayerRickplayer Cool

September 13 2016 15:34:50
DannyKDannyK Big guitar riff with the some great drumming. Excellent track for some keys/bass/guitar soloing. You've helped create a wonderful template, Raymond!
+1 September 13 2016 15:43:21 DannyKrp3drums
Thanks Danny! It is worthy of the Motor City...
September 13 2016 15:45:29 DannyKDannyK
I've never been. One day. My wife is a Michigander.
September 13 2016 15:08:50
AKchenAKchen :) and you do it soso well :)
+1 September 13 2016 15:43:48 AKchenrp3drums
thanks so much AKchen!

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