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Remix step #3 (playing)
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added "V O C A L S" for this cool piece
Some speed up and slow down effects were applied to the first half of this the last half--none of that.


September 16 2016 21:20:56
PsychoPsycho Your a wild man in cookie land... another great inspiration by you :)
+1 September 16 2016 22:35:36 PsychoGemmyF
a cough as a drum loop. Now that is kookie land.
September 16 2016 22:46:15 Psychopiper
That was a very cool addition Gem/Jim ;)
September 16 2016 18:54:43
FunkystanFunkystan So creative... Great Fun! Thanks ^^

September 16 2016 18:13:56
OliVBeeOliVBee fun track :)
+1 September 16 2016 18:49:38 OliVBeeGemmyF
You've got to love a track that starts with"sweet as sugar, and mixed up like a smoothie" It can't go anywhere but up from there!
September 16 2016 17:09:17
piperpiper Tell me, do these cookies have something baked into them to create the speed up and download effects? Hahaha!
+1 September 16 2016 17:18:01 piperGemmyF
just you and Mr Gruff's playing!
It's wierd because I had the file I downloaded on a track that was really weeeeeet reverb so I was barely able to hear what ya'll were doing then I moved it up on a un"effected" track and added the I promise stuff, then the slow down speed up. No cookies were involved!
September 16 2016 17:35:12 piperpiper
Lol, I love it! :D
September 16 2016 17:07:44
piperpiper LOL, I just saw this! Hahahaha!

September 16 2016 16:11:59
slinslin cool Gemmy...

September 16 2016 09:22:33
WoodstockWoodstock Really cool Jim!! :o:o:o

September 16 2016 09:19:07
ivaxivax Awesome Gemmy :) extraordinario :D

September 16 2016 09:13:22
UloisiusUloisius you are so creative man ;o)
Wonderful Track from you all ;o)

September 16 2016 09:05:01
frankyguitarfrankyguitar YEAH !! Jim, this is most excellent stuff man!! I love it !! My smile is bigger than the moon!
I Promise........., take my word, I'm not a politican! :(
Thanx very much !!

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