My Little Blue Bird

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Peixe106 jams Supporter
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Hey everybody :)
Great to be here again after some hell days at work.
Thank god (and you folks) there is the loops... :)
So... I am posting a track I made some weeks ago.
I gave this song to someone and I was afraid to share a gift but I think the "owner"won't mind to share this happy little song.
I hope to spread some smiles.
I don't know if I can, but at least I can try.
Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for hearing :)


October 04 2016 02:34:06
RobAllenRobAllen Nicely put together.

October 03 2016 04:13:32
PDMuzakPDMuzak Love the piano and the composition. It takes incredible timing to play solo piano. You got the knack my friend.

September 29 2016 23:02:19
jamladyjamlady beautiful!
+1 October 03 2016 01:18:01 jamladyPeixe
Thanks JamLady:) Its a sweet little song to bring us some happiness. Glad you liked :)
September 26 2016 11:34:25
jjdfjjdf so so so beautiful meu amigo!!! great composition!!! I really do like this!!! :)
+1 October 03 2016 01:16:59 jjdfPeixe
Obrigado João. É uma música muito doce. Fico feliz por você ter gostado. Thanks :)
September 17 2016 19:31:17
aleonzaleonz So beautiful, mesmerize! I believe you made that blue bird the happiest bird ever with this lovely song! This happy song put a big smile to my face from the beginning to end,so good to hear this song on and on with all the beauty that spread in the air!
+1 October 03 2016 01:16:05 aleonzPeixe
This beauty is the same beauty that I receive from your sweet words. This is the air that keeps me alive. Only the beauty that exists in music can make me trust in a better day tomorrow. One day where all dreams come true in a sunny island with white sand and transparent water.
September 17 2016 12:50:57
PewiPewi Fabulously beautiful!
+1 September 17 2016 19:26:20 PewiPeixe
Thanks Pewi!!! Glad you liked my friend!
September 16 2016 16:43:08
slinslin just beautiful...
+1 September 17 2016 19:26:44 slinPeixe
Thanks Slin! :)
September 16 2016 11:20:27
GlezBassGlezBass Thanks for hearing? Noooo, thanks for playing man...
+1 September 17 2016 19:28:04 GlezBassPeixe
Playing is worthless without ears for hearing bud... even if the ears are your own hahahaha Im glad you liked it
September 16 2016 06:11:16
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!!
+1 September 17 2016 19:28:29 cody trippPeixe
Thnx Tom!
September 16 2016 05:51:22
PeterpingoPeterpingo Very beautiful My friend. And welcome "back" by the way. It is so nice to have you here. Always a great pleasure to listen to your work. (before maybe joining) :)
+0 September 17 2016 19:29:07 PeterpingoPeixe
Hey great Peter. so good to see you around! Glad you liked bud!

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