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Re-mixed version of 'Another Man' W/Rhythm Guitar added Reminder *You must use SRV tuning (tune your guitar down a half step) or play in Eb to play along with this mix. I'm hoping someone can add Bass and nice Lead. Please keep it Bluzy! I've written Lyrics and the Vocals will go on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 6th verses. There is no chorus to the song so the 1st, 4th and final verses would be for instrumentals. I hope ...
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SRV, 12 bar blues, 95 bpm, Eb


Hi all, I tried the vocals myself (#8460.) If I can sing it, you can too. Please don't be afraid to try. I'd like to hear someone do it up right!

The third verse is a tip of the hat to a song by "The Searchers" called "Love potion number nine."+0
Here are the lyrics to this song if anyone wants to try it. Again, the first 12 bars of the track are just intro and instrumental. The vocals are for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th sets of 12 bars on the track.

"Another Man" by Loren Brown (aka -Bluzcaster)

(intro/ instrumental 12 bars)

People say there is a woman...
There's a lady for every man.
People say there is a lady...
I'm gonna find mine if I can.
Sometimes I gotta wonder...
(pause/break in music)
Did she settle for another man?

My friends they tried to tell me...
there's a lady for every man.
My family tries to tell me...
there's a lady for every man.
But you won't find one around me...
(pause/ break)
Gonna find her with another man.

(12 bars instrumental)

There's more than one fish in the ocean...
even more swimming in the sea.
I've got the number nine of potions.
I've got the time to wait and see.
But the last time lovin found me?
(pause/ break)
Another man come and set me free.

People say there is a woman...
There's a woman for every man.
If it's true there is a lady...
trying to find me where I am.
Just leave your name and number.
Don't you give it to another man"

(12 bars instrumental + ending)
Tomorrow, I'm going to try to add some Bass. Others are welcome to do the same. I'm NOT a bass player.+0
Throw some harp on there, Gnoerreby. :)+0
I´m sure that this will be another cool bluesjam! I´m curious what´s happening at next. :)+1
Thanks Rockr!+0
Nice tune!+1

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