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Another melody writtin in FL Studio about 5 years ago. The original files are gone so I had to upload all 3 instruments at. I realize it's not ideal, but I had no choice with this one and my last one. They are the only 2 from the past I have so it won't happen anymore!

Now, as for the song, it's just a piano melody I wrote in FL Studio, as I mentioned, so all 3 instruments are Virtual. Not ideal, I know. I wish I could re-record these last 2 songs, but I don't have a piano first of all, and secondly, I don't have the skills on drums or piano for either haha. Oh well, I sincerely hope some of you enjoy it nonetheless!
I believe there's still plenty of room for a melodic guitar in there, some horns(sax?),and VOCALS!
I would LOVE to hear what could be added to this from some of you incredibly creative musicians! Enjoy, I sincerely HOPE!


September 19 2016 17:54:50
FrankisaurFrankisaur Very soulful. Nice work!
+1 September 20 2016 03:18:44 FrankisaurJudgeDrey
Thank a lot Frank! I'd love to collaborate with you someday!
September 19 2016 04:53:04
RobMRobM Fantastic piece :)
+1 September 19 2016 05:40:31 RobMJudgeDrey
Thanks very much Rob!
September 18 2016 15:30:50
PsychoPsycho This is a great template Judge. Yes, plenty of room for more! I use Fl Studio also and it's a bear to use sometimes. A huge learning curve :)
+1 September 18 2016 16:46:26 PsychoJudgeDrey
Thanks very much! I used to use alot more a few years ago. Mostly to write things like this on piano and such. Instruments I can't play in real life haha. It was great fun and it's a fun program to use. Many many options and virtual instruments included. Excellent for the electronic musician I feel.
September 18 2016 20:17:42 PsychoPsycho
A never ending learning process. I am always finding something new in FL :)
September 18 2016 07:18:27
UloisiusUloisius very nice Track Judge ;o)
+1 September 18 2016 13:47:11 UloisiusJudgeDrey
Thanks Uloisius!
September 18 2016 01:34:02
ivaxivax fantastic Judge,:) great job
+1 September 18 2016 13:49:14 ivaxJudgeDrey
Thanks very much!
September 18 2016 00:27:36
davidaustindavidaustin very cool.

September 17 2016 23:03:20
axenvocsaxenvocs I really like this

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