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well 2 guitars here

HD track has only the Rhythmn Track

Used a click track!!!!


September 19 2016 18:18:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

September 19 2016 17:54:43
petebasspetebass Super track Jim,you must of had a rare mellow moment!!!HA! nice one buddy:)

September 18 2016 08:17:49
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO sweet guitar playing and sounds !!

September 18 2016 07:25:39
UloisiusUloisius I'm sitting here at my first coffee and a cigarette, look out the window into the gray of an early Sunday morning and listen to this magical guitar music ... it is a wonderful moment, thanks to you Gemmy ;o)

September 18 2016 05:15:34
DemianDemian good one! nice composition
+0 September 18 2016 06:40:26 DemianGemmyF
Thanks Demian!
September 18 2016 01:18:30
PsychoPsycho Cool, well written, well played !!

September 18 2016 00:44:54
AKchenAKchen so fab Gemmy, virtuous :)
+0 September 18 2016 00:47:33 AKchenGemmyF
OH yeah, going by the book added chords, and all that good stuff!
September 18 2016 00:23:44
EvertEvert Realy wonderful Gemmy! You should more often use a click track.
+1 September 18 2016 00:46:55 EvertGemmyF
Hate them but for some reason it didn't bother me this time--I like drums! But even some times I hate them! Thanks Evert!
September 18 2016 00:48:45 EvertGemmyF
Also the click was playing when I started on the "lead" track---and didn't put up with that long!
September 18 2016 01:11:31 EvertEvert
You should not apologize Gemmy.Whatever the basic is. I know you prefer live drums but you created something beatiful.
September 18 2016 01:24:39 EvertGemmyF
I wasn't really apologizing just talking! The best thing about the click track and the BPM and meter and the chords is that it might encourage someone to try to play with--drums bass or with just the HD track another guitar instead of mine. So in that regard I love the click track!
September 18 2016 00:01:53
davidaustindavidaustin cool Gemmy, very cool.
+1 September 18 2016 00:04:54 davidaustinGemmyF
Thanks David! Thanks for the listen.

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