La Colonia Tovar

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I made it longer and added a couple notes (seems to be my trademark now).

When I heard this again today I found I really like it.

Great job by Kei and the guys, and hopefully I left plenty of room for more on this thing =)


February 27 2017 19:08:29
Really cool Psycho, i love Gibson sound <3 :D,my best lover is a SG :D ,great work :) ;)
+1 February 27 2017 23:50:06 GreenDog Psycho
Thanks green, this was a fun one for sure :)
October 04 2016 03:29:34
Almost missed this one Big Psy! that opening so wonderful, deep emotion, sounds so great for my ears!
+1 October 05 2016 02:39:42 aleonz Psycho
Thanks Big Al... it's not that old, but I had already forgotten about it... lol. Too many tracks here now, but a goldmine for the people !!
September 19 2016 20:06:08
Bruce some very special playing here!:)
I am blown away with the sensitivity that comes thru on this one.
Killer sustain here, makes me want a LP:D

+1 September 19 2016 23:10:07 mortheol Psycho
Thanks Ron... no doubt the LP is a sustain monster on it's own, but I also setup close to the amp and play live. That's a big part of how I get the sustain :) I've also found the Seymour Duncan Hot Rod PU's to be the only PU I'll use.
September 19 2016 03:09:22
Lovely sensitive melodic playing...which is also your trademark.
+1 September 19 2016 23:05:47 Wade Psycho
Thanks Wade... I have actually learned from the people here what it is to... let's say "join in" and be part of a group and not just be an individual player.
September 20 2016 00:40:29 Wade Wade
Yes, we are all (hopefully) learning from each other. My hope is to be able to (at some point) break free and think it's OK to post a template rather than always reacting. So hard for me to think in terms of composition out of the ether, and admire those (like you) who can...maybe it will "rub off?"
September 19 2016 01:06:21
great leads!
+1 September 19 2016 23:02:37 KMstar Psycho
Thanks Ken... was a cool track to tinker with :)
September 19 2016 00:44:14
Man this is fantastic. Not only your distinctive Guitar sound, but also very melodic. And the gap you left after the first solo, I kept trying to figure out what instrument would fit in, Sax? Vocals? This is good my friend, feed us just enough so we are hungry for more ;)
+1 September 19 2016 23:01:22 TeeGee Psycho
Thanks TG... you have helped with the long solo syndrome, and what this place is all about: "Sharing", which was the goal here. There are some tracks that warrant a long solo, but they are few and far between. You've been a fine steward of this community my friend :)
September 22 2016 01:53:23 TeeGee Keiton
Hi TG, Bruce was made a lot of rooms. He was thinking want to more instruments or sing their self :)
September 18 2016 15:03:31
Very nice guitar solos:)
+1 September 18 2016 15:08:01 Pewi Psycho
Hello Pewi, thank you very much my friend :)
September 18 2016 14:16:42
Great solos Bruce! So intense as you know to do! :)
+1 September 18 2016 14:52:02 Stef Psycho
Thank you my friend. The melody is why I kept it as is. The tone is not quite right, but I let it go this time :)
September 20 2016 12:38:35 Stef TeeGee
I actually like the tone you got here....
September 18 2016 14:15:04
Incoming , nice intro solo and outro solo
+1 September 18 2016 14:49:35 axenvocs Psycho
lol... Yes, I start with a bang :) Thanks axe !!
September 18 2016 13:44:24
Very nice job! Great playing!
What do you use for a guitar and your effects? If you don't mind me asking?

+1 September 18 2016 14:48:19 JudgeDrey Psycho
Hi Judge and Thanks for the listen. Welcome to this great playground ;) I've always played SG's or LP's, usually hot rodded, then I've probably used every effect made. This track is through a Boss ME-80 that I setup for more sustain. Then I mic the amp on a clean channel. I prefer live if I can pull it off.
September 18 2016 16:49:07 JudgeDrey JudgeDrey
Wow. Cool, interesting setup! Thanks for the reply and the warm welcome!
September 22 2016 01:54:52 JudgeDrey Keiton
Thanks Bruce I also want to know it :)
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