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JoaoEmidio19 jams
Remix step #5 (playing)


Peixe106 jams Supporter
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I wanted to join this Brazilian rhythm jam because it seems so much fun!
Thanks to João with his gorgeous template.
Mario did a great job here with the rhythm section and Titi was awesome!
Thanks you for the fun!
By the way I added some piano.
Green mark solo with 2 voices following João.
Yellow mark groove.
Red mark groove with some simple solo.
Thanks for hearing.
Hope you like it :)


October 03 2016 20:37:46
k9k9 Boa Peixe!

September 24 2016 15:39:11
aleonzaleonz listening this track really took me to some beautiful island I always dream of, one thing that makes me admire you Marcelo, is the respect you have when you play with other track, you know where to step in , this is like jumping in the stones of the pond, you not slipped away even for once, not even get your feet wet by the water, but you made the whole fishes (peixe?) in the pound jump and dancing happily !
+1 September 25 2016 05:00:32 aleonzPeixe
Oh Al, sweet Al. You always sound like music to my ears. Even when I am reading you.
I have one thing in mind when I play in someone's track... I always try to listen what the track is asking for. I let the music guide me instead of trying to be the guide.
Music has the size of the universe and I am very small to try to guide it. Thats why I just follow. Thank you so much for always hearing my tracks and giving your sweet words and precious opinion. :)
September 20 2016 13:47:18
PewiPewi a great collected works ! It makes great joy to hear this track !
+1 September 21 2016 05:09:07 PewiPeixe
Hi Pewi. The guys were great here. Such a good thing to jam with them. Glad you liked :)
September 19 2016 15:00:36
StefStef Perfect arrangement with your superb keys Marcelo! Your add definitely make fabulous this track! :)
+1 September 20 2016 02:18:17 StefPeixe
Hi dear Stef. Thanks my friend. There is so much fun inside this track:) I couldn't resist:)
September 19 2016 13:36:15
titititi Here is a beautiful Latin track !
It is a real pleasure to listen to you.
The contribution of your big keyboard is SUPER !
Thank you Marcello :)

+1 September 20 2016 02:17:07 titiPeixe
Wow Titi. Your tracks just get better everyday. You made all the difference here. It's a super jamming team. :) I am the one who should thank you
September 19 2016 08:35:28
PeterpingoPeterpingo What a great add and what a nice song as well. :) Your piano really spice it up further.
+2 September 20 2016 02:15:34 PeterpingoPeixe
Greeeeaaaaaat Peter. Thanks bud. It was extremely fun to play with these guys:)
September 19 2016 08:31:32
TofzegritTofzegrit Absolutely lovely
What a travel, thanks guys!

+1 September 20 2016 02:14:49 TofzegritPeixe
Thanks Tof. The guys are great. Good fun here hahaha. :)
September 19 2016 01:17:06
Ernie440Ernie440 Sounds great my friend, wonderful music!
+1 September 19 2016 03:20:21 Ernie440Peixe
Thanks Ernie. Credits to Joao and the guys. They made the track I just jammed around :)
September 18 2016 23:23:15
GlezBassGlezBass A delight of jam, only negative ... that is short. Great job on keys Marcelo, note your proximity to these types of rhythms, I love it
+3 September 18 2016 23:26:27 GlezBassPeixe
We grow up listening to this kind of rhythm here. I love this style. Is good to have you around always playing these things and now with Joao we got extra energy for more jams. hahahaha just smiling here :)
September 18 2016 23:28:59 GlezBassGlezBass
Groovy rhythms brother...

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