The Hollows

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This track is Super Bad.....thanks so much to James for giving me such awesome material to work with. No drum track, but if you want it I can get you a copy.


James doo
really sweet man love the style...sounds awsome..hope you had fun+1
September 19 2016 04:32:34
James doo
Frankisaur Thanks James. I totally had fun! +0
September 19 2016 04:32:45
Frankisaur Thanks! +0
Low end killer !! Nice job !+1
September 19 2016 04:33:03
Frankisaur Thanks! +0
fantastic frank+1
September 19 2016 04:33:22
Frankisaur Thanks buddy! +1
Excellent Frank!+1
September 19 2016 04:33:35
Frankisaur Thank you! +0
As per! Kicking it's butt!+1
had to know if you were doing the real high pith drums--timbales. Glad to find out you were! Most Excellent worth your being MIA for a while!+1
September 19 2016 16:36:12
Frankisaur Thank you Jim;) I had to record them in audio...I think I need to remix a bit more. I made 4 tracks for this song...two in audio, two in MIDI. Mixing is getting complicated... +0
September 19 2016 16:57:24
Leftdaloops1019 It is where the real work begins but well worth it in the end. Great Play! +1
UNBELIEVABLE job on drums man!! WOW!!!
Just fantastic. That beat at 1:30 is killer!! How long did it take you to get this rhythm down anyways? It only came out 10 days ago haha.
Anyways, props man. I'd have you on drums any damn day!
September 19 2016 16:30:15
Frankisaur Thank you! It took nearly all ten days...I actually plan to remix it a little better. The part at 1:30 was nearly the last to come to me. I really had to simply memorize the guitar part, hit the accents, and try to keep the 6/8 beat going underneath, so it's really just following the guitar. I'm a little prouder of the riff at 0.45...the guitar part there follows a disjointed 6/8, and when I realized I could go 4/4 over the top, and that it sounded pretty good, I was stoked. +2
September 19 2016 16:48:31
Frankisaur The first few days I spent many hours looping small sections of the song and playing with options. I also listened to the track no less than a couple hundred times while walking the dogs, or driving forklift. A track like this doesn't open itself to you on the first date....;) Anyway, props from other drummers are the best, and I really appreciate your feedback! +1
September 20 2016 03:26:51
JudgeDrey That's very cool to hear the process you had to go through to come up with that. It lets certain people know that there still needs to be a "work ethic" and "planning" and "trial and error" involved in music and writing something great. And you did just that. If you don't make a living from playing drums, you should be imho! Keep up the great work though! I'll be keeping track of it for sure man. +2
Major 3rd
oh yeah! excellent drum add+1
September 19 2016 16:37:02
Major 3rd
Frankisaur Thank you sir! +1
Blasting away track dudes...Absolute awesome!+1
October 11 2016 04:51:37
Frankisaur Thank you! +1

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