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piper963 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
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mortheol229 jams Supporter
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Our Dear Piper has Jury Duty tomorrow.....Let's wish her the Best!!

I thought maybe this peaceful tune will sooth her worries..:)~

Thanks David and Piper.



September 21 2016 19:35:47
Just to let you know it is really, really bad!!!!!! I'm so glad I have three officers seated next to me at all times!!!!! :0 :0
+1 September 22 2016 02:41:51 piper mortheol
Good thing! Did you get the hammer and chisel I sent you do bust off your concrete boots?B)
September 22 2016 17:04:42 piper piper
Hahaa....get back to work!
September 21 2016 19:33:48
Lol, I don't know...this sounds more like a walk to a gas chamber, haha
+1 September 22 2016 02:40:17 piper mortheol
Gee, do they still use the gas chamber?:|
September 20 2016 10:13:43
Very very good Ron! :)
Bad Internet Connection;(

+1 September 22 2016 02:37:20 frankyguitar mortheol
Hey Franko I am happy you liked it:)
September 19 2016 21:39:50
Nice add mortheol!!
+1 September 22 2016 02:36:02 Mishteria mortheol
Thanks Mish:)
September 19 2016 20:12:19
And the gavel slams down...Guilty!
Good stuff!

+1 September 19 2016 20:21:27 garymcmill mortheol
Haha Gary, Thanks!
I scared Piper and told her she was going to get stuck on some "Mob" trial and end up in concrete shoes at the end of it:D
I know..not very nice of me. I thought maybe she would skip town...LOL
September 19 2016 17:58:13
Hey Ron:)nice one buddy ,very tense dramatic track:);)
+1 September 19 2016 20:47:18 petebass mortheol
Thanks Pete:)
I tried to imagine what good "Jury" music should sound like...I think it's not very happy?
But I guess it depends what side you are on.
The beat on this track made me think of them marching the defendant in front of the Judge and Jury..LOL
September 19 2016 20:54:58 petebass petebass
September 19 2016 09:35:55
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
way cool guitar! jury duty sucks! lol
+1 September 19 2016 20:43:08 Major 3rd mortheol
Thanks Craig!:)
I've gotten stuck with it a few times. I must be a repeat offender...LOL
September 19 2016 09:04:50
Well done Ron... The 2 very first notes of your guitar made me come back into Twin Peaks drama... I like this song.
+1 September 19 2016 20:41:43 Caroljoyce mortheol
Hi Ag, I am happy you like this song:)
I never watched Twin Peaks..but I just listened to the are right:D Very cool!
September 20 2016 10:11:59 Caroljoyce frankyguitar
Right !! Twin peaks, thats is :)
September 19 2016 08:50:56
wonderful Music ;o)
+1 September 19 2016 20:36:58 Uloisius mortheol
Thanks Uli, I am happy you enjoyed it:)
September 19 2016 07:15:26
great add Ron, love it.
+1 September 19 2016 20:35:43 davidaustin mortheol
Thanks Dave, I tried to follow the mood you set on this one.:)
September 19 2016 22:09:58 davidaustin davidaustin
very cool

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