The Hollows (Remix)

Remix step #3 (playing)
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A remix of the previous track. I took out the tablas...because they were fighting with other stuff...too many layers, not enough skill with the mixer. I also turned down some high spots..etc. I also included an MP3 of the drum track. There's no fader on the drum track, and a couple other affects are missing off it too, like a little eq and some spatial widening.


October 04 2016 08:29:49
radusradus Very good!

September 23 2016 04:53:31
HaffastHaffast KILLER MIX!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :)
+1 September 23 2016 17:22:28 HaffastFrankisaur
Thanks buddy!
September 20 2016 14:37:18
FrankMilFrankMil sick
+1 September 20 2016 15:24:10 FrankMilFrankisaur
September 20 2016 03:10:45
JudgeDreyJudgeDrey Seriously this is perfect Frank. This is so right up my alley and my taste in guitar riffs and drums put together it makes me wanna head bang like it's 1988 again!
I'm not used to a hearing guitar tuned in F#(I think?) but this is the way to do it for sure. When I first heard this template I was hoping a drummer would do it justice. You exceeded my hopes of that one hundred fold! You took a great down-tuned (djent?) song and made it fan-F***i*g TASTIC! (pardon my language)
I had wished I could contribute to this in some way but it'd take me weeks to come up with something that didn't screw it up.
Anyways, great great job. I'm a fan for life bro. I'll be puttin this on my MP3 player for sure! Keep it up man.

PS: It would be SO great (an honor really) to hear what you'd come up with for #83770 Frank! (If ever you'd be so inclined?) I understand completely if you just don't have the time. I couldn't not ask though haha. Peace!

+1 September 20 2016 04:25:36 JudgeDreyFrankisaur
Thanks so much Drey! I've heard 83770 and it's on my "to do" list...sometime in the next month or so...;)
September 20 2016 07:15:31 JudgeDreyJudgeDrey
Can't frikkin wait!

(ps: I'm currently working on "something" to add to "The Hollows Remix". I reaaally need to get the rust out if I'm going to play something for that. I'm tryin to break out some chops I haven't played in a long while! And my fingers are none too happy about it atm. haha Gotta get those callouses back and the finger strength back! Damn!)
September 20 2016 02:51:29
JudgeDreyJudgeDrey LOVE IT! Love it!

September 19 2016 23:28:56
ivaxivax Awesome!!!! Franki :D great my friend
+1 September 19 2016 23:31:22 ivaxFrankisaur
Thanks Ivax!
September 19 2016 22:10:45
axenvocsaxenvocs rock n roll awesome playing
+1 September 19 2016 23:31:37 axenvocsFrankisaur
Thank you!!
September 19 2016 22:01:27
+1 September 19 2016 23:31:53 WHITEPONGOFrankisaur
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