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When I listened to this track Buran I jumped on the chair.
What a great Hard Rock! I had to play here with the enthusiasm of my best years.

I added the Hammond

Thanks Buran and thank you for listening



October 03 2016 20:11:44
gwailoahgwailoah Man this is such a great track, and your boards are freaking brilliant. Such urgency everywhere, fantastic virtuosity my friend 😄😄👏👏
+1 October 06 2016 19:28:17 gwailoahStef
Thank you so much my friend! The great guitar of Buran was the compelling factor! The rock is into our and your DNA! :)
September 25 2016 15:33:27
Buran70Buran70 I completely missed this one. Super Hammond, fantastic add from the best keyboard player in wikiloops. BRAVISSIMO!!!
+1 September 25 2016 15:54:19 Buran70Stef
Hey Buran, grazie. Mi sono esaltato a suonare questo tuo fantastico brano. La tua chitarra e specialmente il tuo solo finale e' straordinaria!! Grazie ancora!
September 25 2016 23:01:40 Buran70Buran70
Grazie a te! Sembrera' strano ma tutto il brano e' nato da un esercizio di sweep (le ultime 4 battute del solo prima del finale) ...
September 25 2016 23:05:28 Buran70Stef
Da quel solo fantastico è uscita una grande traccia rock...
September 24 2016 14:59:30
aleonzaleonz I agree with that last line, I turn up the volume and let this track filled my room and took me somewhere to scream out hahahah! Stef you are on fire!!!
+1 September 24 2016 21:48:27 aleonzStef
Thank you so much dear Alice, It's the my old rock soul...:)
September 21 2016 22:30:49
garymcmillgarymcmill Play it loud I did. You rock Stef!
+1 September 22 2016 15:12:42 garymcmillStef
Thank you so much Gary! :)
September 21 2016 17:00:53
GioverGiover Bella improvvisazione hammond!!
+2 September 22 2016 15:12:08 GioverStef
Grazie Giover! :)
September 21 2016 04:56:21
PeixePeixe You are boundless. No style can hold you Stef. I am your fan!!! Great to hear you on this one. Wow!
+1 September 21 2016 12:48:09 PeixeStef
Dear Marcelo, thanks a lot by an old lover of rock...:)
September 21 2016 03:34:54
FrankisaurFrankisaur Wow...Stef...nice work!! I'm feelin' Keith Emerson;)
+1 September 21 2016 12:44:58 FrankisaurStef
Thank you so much Frank! This is a huge compliment for me! :)
September 21 2016 02:16:49
RelativityRelativity This is the line up of the day! Two excellent players! I will be around more...I promise!
+1 September 21 2016 02:26:32 RelativityRelativity
On my eighth listen Stef!
September 21 2016 12:41:55 RelativityStef
Thank you so much! hey Joe , I miss so much your fantastic bass...:)
September 21 2016 00:14:01
PsychoPsycho Coming in loud and clear... excellent rock Hammond Stef... pro sound to my ears :)
+1 September 21 2016 12:39:40 PsychoStef
Thanks a lot dear Bruce! :)
September 20 2016 22:05:59
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Your best years are ahead Stef - this is great! Perfect mix if vintage and modern rock :)
+1 September 21 2016 12:39:04 PaulBOwensStef
I hope..:) Thank you so much dear Paul! :)
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