Tom, Ray & Ernie - Live Blues

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Yes .. I did this track a little earlier straight through my DAW interface (BB blues) but decided I'd like to try it with my cheap little microphone, instead of straight in and get more of a live sound, right off the front of my speaker cabinet. Plus, I changed the bassline up a bit and solo'd a bit, for kicks! haha It's more what I'd sound like playing live in front of people. Just for fun ... and it was, thanks to Ray and Tom for some great playing on this. :)


September 26 2016 13:12:27
PewiPewi :):)

September 24 2016 14:47:46
aleonzaleonz really like that live happening feel, you guys made a very cool team together! very cool bass line Ernie!
+1 September 24 2016 16:28:33 aleonzErnie440
Thanks Al, always a blast playing with Ray and Tom, that's not a lie! :) ;)
September 22 2016 05:08:03
rp3drumsrp3drums This version defiantly sounds better. I like your low tech pillow solution. The direct version is clearer, but lacks the depth and tone this version has...great playing....
+1 September 22 2016 13:08:33 rp3drumsErnie440
Thanks man! Appreciate the analysis!! :);)
September 21 2016 21:20:41
petebasspetebass Super stuff Ernie, love that sound:);)
+1 September 22 2016 13:08:49 petebassErnie440
hey Pete, thanks buddy :)
September 21 2016 21:18:53
frankyguitarfrankyguitar The sound is great, also your playing Ernie! Very cool blues:)
+1 September 22 2016 13:09:10 frankyguitarErnie440
Thanks a lot franky :)
September 21 2016 20:36:04
BassMIKEYBassMIKEY Has that rich, bass “woofer” tone reminiscent of an early Gibson EB-O ‘neck’ pick-up-but without the ‘mud’. Not an easy balance to achieve. I also dig the 16th-note fills. Like McCartney on the Abbey Road sessions. OK, I have said too much, LOL -on with the music! Great playing, Ernie!
+1 September 21 2016 20:41:07 BassMIKEYErnie440
haha, thanks a lot Mike, I enjoy your reviews! :) Maybe a woofer tone because I have my little mic in front of the 18" black widow speaker with is all bass ... that's as high as my footstool will reach with the mic laying on it, with a pillow holding it in place .. lol ... it might be interesting someday if I get a mic stand and put it in front of one of the 10" speakers in the 4x10 cab which sits on top of the black widow.
September 21 2016 20:00:37
FrankieJFrankieJ Fantastic Ernie and the live sound is great!
+1 September 21 2016 20:07:10 FrankieJErnie440
hey Frankie, thanks a lot man and for checking it out! :) :)
September 21 2016 19:25:40
frenziefrenzie This sounds awesome man!! :) :) so good! :) :)
+1 September 21 2016 20:06:43 frenzieErnie440
Thanks a lot good friend Tom :)
September 21 2016 18:51:18
garymcmillgarymcmill A very cool sound on that bass!!
Super play!

+1 September 21 2016 19:12:32 garymcmillErnie440
Thanks buddy, Tom and Ray's track was so groovy I had to break my Bluesday vows! :) ;)
September 21 2016 18:30:53
lolololo love the sound with mic and speakers,very cool part 2min48 .nice blues trio here!!
+1 September 21 2016 19:13:03 loloErnie440
Glad you like lolo, thanks for coming by and taking a listen man! :)
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