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Could use some bass maybe??? I swear I could make ten different versions of Mark's SPECTACULAR template - but they'd all sound about the same even if I did ;)

Lot of fun on this one! Still testing out the new guitar


October 14 2016 10:43:30
Great Stuff :)

September 24 2016 14:57:41
Really Great Haf !! Awesome Sound and playing !! :).
+1 September 25 2016 17:22:45 frankyguitar Haffast
Thank you SO much Franky! Much appreciated! :)
September 24 2016 03:17:49
This track all the way around is just awesome. Someone mentioned Schenker and I couldn't agree more in some of the sections. Damn! Great tones...harmonies perfect and the way you built the melodies is superb :) I go practice now...forever :(
+1 September 25 2016 00:34:03 Danalyze45 Haffast
Thanks Dan! :D
As usual, you're too kind! I need to do some studying on Schenker since I've heard that so many times... Michael, not Rudolph (whom I LOVE), is who I think people mean... Some UFO, maybe?

At any rate, thanks my friend! You make me blush...Lol
September 25 2016 01:10:27 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
Your playing and feel on this track reminds me a bit of this one from Michael...note choices especially :)
September 25 2016 17:21:32 Danalyze45 Haffast
Just checked that one out and a couple others too. Awesome stuff!
September 24 2016 00:36:06
What did you get? It's a great sound. Cool track... with that trademark Haf sound :)
+1 September 24 2016 02:24:08 Psycho Haffast
Ha ha! Thanks Bruce! Sometimes I wish it wasn't SO trademarked. Lol

I got a Schecter Hellraiser. It's a fast necked, metal machine...but it can do soft better than I'd expected too! :)
September 24 2016 04:26:22 Psycho Psycho
Seen 'em but never tried one. I like it's sound. Better head to guitar Center for a test ride :)
September 23 2016 21:00:54
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
yes! this is great..super vibe....chillin....great guitar adds..;o) what did ya get for a new guitar?
+1 September 24 2016 02:22:33 Major 3rd Haffast
Thanks! I got a Schecter Hellraiser. It's pretty sweet. High output... Wasn't sure if it could do softer tones. Seems to be good!
September 23 2016 17:01:37
Thanks for joining in I love the guitar add it really fits in well
+1 September 24 2016 02:21:12 Wikimark Haffast
Thanks Mark! I always look forward to your songs. Some of my favorite templates if anyone on here. You, sir, are a master of your craft
September 23 2016 14:50:03
Whatever the guitar, you have your own Haffast coloring and playing and it's always good in every moods (furious, lover, nostalgy, sunny, dreamer...).
+1 September 23 2016 14:51:41 Tofzegrit Haffast
I REALLY DO appreciate hearing that. Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Lately, I feel like they all sound pretty similar, but even when they do I try to keep some variety in my formula. ;)
September 23 2016 12:54:54
Great! :)
+1 September 23 2016 13:41:31 Mishteria Haffast
Thanks Mish! :)
September 23 2016 09:01:22
Sounds great! It starts of with a bit Schenker sound :) what is your new axe? Great stuf I love it! :) :)
+1 September 23 2016 13:41:13 frenzie Haffast
Thanks Frenzie! That's a compliment I'm happy to get! It's a Schecter Hellraiser. It's mean... :D
September 23 2016 15:19:38 frenzie frenzie
That is real mean shredder!! :)

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