Forget Me Not

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I admire this cast of musicians... a class act !

A little add at the front, and more at the back.

A very fine ride... thanks =)
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Metal, Rock, Ballad, Vocal


THUMBS! Perfect solo for this song Psycho, well done!:)+1
September 24 2016 20:15:57
Psycho It's a great song Mish... and I did this quicker than usual, but it all seemed to come together very well. I'm happy you like it :) Thank You !! +1
perfect psy! :) cool solo on thisgreat song! :) :)+1
September 24 2016 21:11:57
Psycho Thanks frenz... a well done job by these guys makes it so much easier :) +1
And you nailed this Great song really Bruce!!! Excellent work you did here YEAH+1
September 24 2016 21:15:13
Psycho You are so kind franky... my favorite cheerleader. You make a person feel good. A special quality you possess! Thanks my good friend :) +1
September 24 2016 21:40:37
frankyguitar LOL, you should see me with my poms and miniskirt :D very nice, but my coach said I have to shave my legs .... this was the end of my career :D +1
September 24 2016 21:51:25
Psycho Well, it's simply man-scaping! It's the big thing now... lol :) I myself prefer a fake chest hair patch !! +1
September 24 2016 22:12:29
frankyguitar LOL, Protects against sunburn :D +0
Fantastic lead guitar Bruce! Your solo is amazing! Great powerful rock track! :)+1
September 24 2016 21:21:11
Psycho Something about this song, and I've know Mish since day one. She and the guys did a great job on this one. I might be getting old, but I will never give up trying to play rock the best I can. Thanks for the fine compliment Stef :) +1
cool tone great track.... I run out of words..+1
September 24 2016 21:24:25
Psycho Thanks very much David... I'm happy Mish is back. She was the first to welcome me here, so she will always be special. Her music ain't so bad either :) I really had a blast with this !! +1
Yeah man got it! I´m so flashed!!!! And i agree with your comment about the welcome from the first person here. It was Basster and Rickplayer, they are very important to me! ;) Great Job, Bruce :)+1
September 24 2016 21:47:32
Psycho Thank you very much adu... it's such a special place and no, you don't forget the first people you meet here. There have been so many others since that time and they are as special as anyone. I love this place and all it stands for :) Again thanks my friend !!!! +1
wow, you guys and girls are burning, GREAT!!! :)+1
September 24 2016 21:57:23
Psycho Why thank you Andrea... something about this one. Everything is good about it. Brings back the heavy metal day memories. I wasn't sure I could pull off that run cleanly. I'm a bit rusty ya know. This place has really helped me regain a lot :) +1
September 24 2016 21:59:01
AKchen that´s great, I like it so much :) +1
September 24 2016 22:01:55
Psycho I'm having one of those wikiloops appreciation days :) Thanks again !! +1
great :):):)+1
September 24 2016 22:31:17
Psycho Hey buddy, good to see ya, and thanks... this was a cool one for sure :) +0
Great add - great jam. Very good style from you Psy. :)+1
September 24 2016 22:40:47
Psycho Thanks Peter... this old guy and his guitar played this stuff exclusively 30 years ago. Oh the memories, and also the rust I have collected :) +1
September 24 2016 22:47:55
Peterpingo I actually get the same feeling again and again here on the loops. Often when I join a wonderful jam it strikes me that the given song "could" have been written and played in a band I was a part of many years ago. It´s a fantastic experience.The best thing about it is that the songs are brand new and not somethings every copy band are playing. ;) +2
Marcelo D
Cool remixes. Only great adds! Very good Psy!+1
September 25 2016 14:36:11
Marcelo D
Psycho Thank you Peixe... a cool track indeed... was a pleasure to play on this one :) +0

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