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I have been "In love" with this song for a little while. From the first time I heard it I felt I "had" to do something. To make an add to it would probably be fun. It
certainly did.
I guess I have a weakness for songs with great lyrics. Whether it is a good love-song or like this a song about holding on to what matters to you. "To stay focused". Fantastic song and as well Alice as Haddock really did a great job creating it.
Hope you will enjoy.
Peace and love: Peter.


October 01 2016 20:59:23
+1 October 01 2016 21:02:08 slonyatko Peterpingo
Thank you slonyatko. :)
October 01 2016 15:30:14
Very cool ;o)
Have just discovered the song about wikiloops Radio "Voices of the Month" ;o)

+1 October 01 2016 15:52:51 Uloisius Peterpingo
Thank you very much Uloisius.This song?
October 01 2016 16:12:46 Uloisius Uloisius
yes ;o)
October 01 2016 16:20:23 Uloisius Peterpingo
Alright. I haven´t noticed that. Where do you find that?
October 01 2016 16:34:45 Uloisius Uloisius
Just go up on "search", then on "Album & Radio", then click on the radio and bottom left of the radio transmitter "Voices of the Month" adjust ... there, it is in the list ;o)
October 01 2016 16:42:50 Uloisius Peterpingo
Thanks Uloisius. I will try that. :)
September 26 2016 15:05:22
Peace and love actually is the message of this music, big thanks!:)
+0 September 26 2016 15:16:00 Pewi Peterpingo
Ha ha. Yes you are right Peter. :) So glad you like it.
September 26 2016 12:05:21
Very nice playing Peter, fits perfectly! :)
+1 September 26 2016 14:06:53 haddock Peterpingo
Thanks Haddock. Was really a great experience to "lean on" to your wonderful steady bass. :)
September 26 2016 02:43:45
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho Peterpingo
+1 September 26 2016 03:13:34 francisco al Peterpingo
Thank you very much, Francisco :)
September 26 2016 02:19:37
Thank you, Alice. You make med Blush. You called for a guitar add in your presentation of this beautiful song. And making this add was a joy. Your work with Haddock already made the song outstanding. :)

September 25 2016 21:10:17
Oh Wowww...I'm so surprise to found this song back from sleep, Peter, you really know how to filled this track but still keep it breath freely, you really lift this little song to another lever, and that solo...speechless , I thank you so very much for this gift Peter!

September 25 2016 17:07:26
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Great playing Peter!
+1 September 25 2016 17:54:38 Major 3rd Peterpingo
Thank you very much Major. Much appreciated. :)
September 25 2016 17:03:19
really beautiful, very good complement Peter, fabulous :)
+1 September 25 2016 17:53:45 ivax Peterpingo
Thanks Friend :) Very nice and flattering words. So glad you like it.
September 25 2016 12:51:21
I agree it's a great song. I like what you've done here. Much nicer and fuller sound from that guitar adding a fine touch :)
+1 September 25 2016 12:56:50 Psycho Peterpingo
Thanks Psy. Really glad you think. It was a great pleasure to make the add.
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