Last Hope

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Psycho776 jams

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Acoustic ballad... anything goes =)
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pop, ballad


Hello There!

My name is luke and I was wondering if I could use your track as part of a project I'm doing for my course? I'll be sure to credit your work and this project will not be monetized in anyway.
October 20 2016 00:02:57
Psycho I don't care at all. you may want to ask Dick if it is ok with the rules as applied here. You have my permission if he needs it :) +1
October 20 2016 01:39:13
Oou Thanks man! :D I'm very new to this website and I'm unsure how to contact dick. Would you mind if I can have a link to his profile? Thank you again! +0
Found this via carols add and I thought: HIGH TIME for a visit! :) A wonderful song, Bruce!+1
October 20 2016 00:04:23
Psycho Yeah, long time no see you Marc! Thanks very much for the nice words my friend :) +0
Most excellent!+1
September 29 2016 00:54:44
Psycho Thanks Gary... there's been a few good adds already, but more on the tree would be cool :) +0
that's a real good mix, Bruce!
ooo - LOVE 1:06 solid, focused, with nice variation of playing styles.
great idea on ending.i look forward to its development! yes, more like This, please. :) Sis
September 27 2016 00:44:15
Psycho Hi sis, thanks very mucho ! You don't have to say "more like this" my dear friend, because I'm enjoying this acoustic gig a lot lately :) But I sure appreciate your and everyone else's support on these :) +1
Vraiment bien composé :)+1
September 26 2016 23:37:52
Psycho Merci beaucoup titi ... juste avoir un peu d'amusement avec la boîte en bois :) +1
September 27 2016 06:16:19
titi Ah ah :D +0
Really like this one P! This is so pretty :D+1
September 26 2016 23:33:51
Psycho Why thank you dear piper... twice in one week I have heard the word pretty here. I better check my testosterone levels :) +1
September 26 2016 23:53:37
piper LOL, hardly! ;) +1
If only I could sing:)! Wonderful composition!+1
September 26 2016 23:31:33
Psycho I bet you sing well Pewi... I can't sing either but have tried a few here. That's the beauty of this place. No stage fright allowed here... lol :) Thanks my friend !! +1
A very good track ! I love it. Another pearl like a little shining star in the night...Congratulations for that template Bruce !+1
September 26 2016 23:29:36
Psycho Thanks gal... just heard your harp on this and it's beautiful ;) !! +0
Great job pyscho !! :)+1
September 26 2016 23:28:24
Psycho I thank you very much for the kind words pniv :) +2
story times are over for this evening but if you'll come back tomorrow we'll be here, but just make sure you come a little earlier cause the Mrs and I have to lay our weary bone down, yeah lay our weary bones down, and hope to sleep the whole night through the whole night through. We'll tell the tale of a young wailer, no not Bob's grandson, but a Boston Whalier looking for the oil that a sperm whale provides, to light the candles and make it light in the rain, but run along now, we'll see you tomorrow.+1
September 26 2016 23:27:21
Psycho Yes, just heard the song... it's great man. Thanks goes in circles :) +0
September 26 2016 23:54:58
GemmyF wrote this while listening to it, downloaded and sung and uploaded--10 minutes top whole process. Looks like you are here earlier than last night, would you like to pull up a chair, or sit on the floor? First the Mrs will start off with some bird calls, and then a sing a long,.... well thats ok the Mrs has a thick husky voice and covers a multitude of tone offenders. Then we'll pass around the tip jar, and the real stories will begin. BTW how much money did you bring, my neighbor friend Piper made some cookies and you'll see the color of the rainbow while all this is going on. She uses special nugget chips. they are delish! +1
September 26 2016 23:57:54
Psycho You're the living end :) +1
September 27 2016 00:01:59
GemmyF the Mrs has a husky voice HA HA HA HA HA HA +1

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