Warm and Zuffy with NumChuck

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piper868 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)
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Guitar & Percussion:

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Played a guitar track
als as a bonus I got a numbChuck and put it in a glass(drinking glass) and banged some beats(VERBED OUT)
Plus the HD track as MP3320K for mix remix pleasure


September 28 2016 23:56:29
Very cool play. Guitar sounds great!
+0 September 29 2016 00:08:09 garymcmill GemmyF
are you telling me you didn't like the numchuck in the drinking glass half empty kind of guy here
September 28 2016 07:39:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

September 28 2016 01:33:42
And a round-a-bout compliment here Jim... sounds great man :)
+1 September 28 2016 01:44:41 Psycho GemmyF
Man you went for the jug u lar as they might say in the UK.
No Round about here Unless you think its sounds like Roundabout!
September 28 2016 01:22:00
Just head this through Franky's add, great stuff Gemmy ! :)
+1 September 28 2016 01:33:58 RobM GemmyF
Thanks Rob--listen to what Woodstock played Really Good! Bas
September 27 2016 22:45:29
Awesome !!!:D,great my friend

September 27 2016 20:17:52
Bouncing numchucks! Ooch doesn't that hurt guys? Hahaha!

Jimmy/Gem!!!! This is fantastic!!!!!! :D

+0 September 27 2016 21:46:28 piper mortheol
:o What da HECK Pipey :o
September 27 2016 22:57:59 piper piper
Hehe he ;)
September 27 2016 23:06:47 piper GemmyF
Is a NumChuck code for muscrat? I'm corn-fused.
September 27 2016 23:14:19 piper piper
Muscat loooove captain...hahaha!
September 27 2016 23:20:26 piper GemmyF
One of the worst of the worst. Even the Archie's Sugar Sugar was far superior, especially when you think cartoons sang and play that. And Jughead probably kept forgetting what he was doing.

September 27 2016 23:22:49 piper GemmyF
Ron is Archie dancing.....after Sabrina gives him a kiss!
September 27 2016 23:23:11 piper GemmyF
I'm the reddit Frog!
September 28 2016 02:37:21 piper piper
LOL! Yeah, I can see that. And who is Sabrina..LOL.
September 28 2016 02:59:10 piper GemmyF
Bruce!(Psycho)There's too few girls here and you're in the Band! Maybe Veronica. Franky is Jughead cause of his Kentucky Fried Chicken hat!
September 29 2016 00:28:18 piper piper
Hanging out with Sabrina, the spunky, flirtatious, sometimes scatterbrained teenage witch, is a cauldron of fun. Though it seems like magic would solve every problem a teen could have, Sabrina has to live a double life–keeping up with her responsibilities in the mortal world as well as the Magic Realm. Her long-term boyfriend, Harvey, is totally oblivious to her powers, and Sabrina would rather keep it that way than risk freaking him out and losing him! She is persistent and honest, but often looks before she leaps and later regrets her decisions. Luckily, her Aunties, Hilda and Zelda, and her sorcerer-turned-cat Salem are there to guide her through whatever may come her way.

That's more my personality..hehehe ;)
Ron can chase after Veronica!
September 29 2016 00:52:41 piper GemmyF
Now I'm Scared!!!!!!
Did you chain watch all the archie shows? or what? Now I'm Scared!
September 29 2016 03:24:31 piper piper
LOL, hehehe....I'll cast a spell on you ;)
LOL, no I watched it on occasion. :)
September 29 2016 03:30:02 piper GemmyF
You have a good memory I watched it some but not like Deputy Dawg or Tennessee Tuxedo or Sherman and Peabody or...
September 29 2016 03:44:53 piper GemmyF
And Another thing!!!!
Not one peep about the Song Title here verses the Original song title Sabrina had other than the part that was exhaustively swung and conked.
September 27 2016 20:00:54
Psychadelic sound Gemmy :)
+1 September 27 2016 20:06:28 PaulBOwens GemmyF
Sounds simple, it took awhile to get the perfect way to do this, as really pushed me. I don't usually play on the last 3 frets and going backup to the 11th fret and back down--cleanly, but like I mentioned it took some time to hear the clear direction on this. WHICH I loath and LOVE at the same time. ALL that practice and hearing all sorts of cool things, yet all those "failures" Thanks for the listen!
September 27 2016 20:09:09 PaulBOwens PaulBOwens
Great description of the process Gemmy - I hear ya!
September 27 2016 20:11:17 PaulBOwens GemmyF
Hey I ate a small slice of cheesecake and feeling buzzed and verbose right now! Ha(sdon't think I should blame the cheesecake, guess I was just bragging about that....aww shoot not I'm going to have to go run!!!) Thanks again PaulB
September 27 2016 16:57:09
Great Jim!! Some great guitar work here, with excellent sound ideas !! :)
+2 September 27 2016 20:09:23 frankyguitar GemmyF
Hey Franky Thanks and you should hear Woodstocks bass on this. It's really great!
September 27 2016 16:32:28
cool guitar Gemmy...
+1 September 27 2016 20:07:02 slin GemmyF
Thanks Slin. I appreciate that!
September 27 2016 16:03:58
I thought is was a numbChuck in a vase, silly me..... I should have consulted with newbiesax on this... this is killer my friend !! Super killer !!
+1 September 27 2016 20:08:40 HiFiFlutes GemmyF
Everyone should always consult with Newbie Sax on most things. I won't go into what not to consult with him at this time maybe later!

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