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ericblom362 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)
United States


2underpar67 jams Supporter
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After putting a lot of work in my past couple tracks I decided to fly by the seat of my pants. Abstract chaos with a little order. Played this one on my Gretsch tuned a little high. Here's is an unlisted YouTube video of my playing. https://youtu.be/5S-a7enCSdY


September 27 2016 17:21:07
Very happy to hear real acoustic drums!! You follow the music in a very nice free way. I hope we can do this more often. Thanks!!
+1 September 27 2016 18:35:43 ericblom 2underpar
Thanks Eric. I had a lot of fun working with your original piece.
September 27 2016 12:54:56
nice playing Bill. Perfect for this kind of piece! Really Great! Playlisted in GREAT JAMS
+2 September 27 2016 16:12:55 GemmyF 2underpar
Thanks Jim. This abstract style (reason for the title. I figured you and others would appreciate that) gives me a lot of freedom for raw emotion and maybe I can sneak in a little calm and order to the chaos.
September 27 2016 17:15:13 GemmyF GemmyF
Yeah you were right in there.!! Ya'll sounded like PROs
September 27 2016 05:51:23
trippy !! Very cool drum things going on !! Cool how you drift into different patterns.
+2 September 27 2016 05:53:12 WHITEPONGO 2underpar
I needed a seatbelt at times, LOL...
September 27 2016 05:54:56 WHITEPONGO WHITEPONGO
I bet !! lol
September 27 2016 05:59:42 WHITEPONGO 2underpar
Check out the video if you haven't yet. This kit sounds better than I remember.
September 27 2016 06:17:06 WHITEPONGO WHITEPONGO
Yeah it sounds good !! Cool videos too !!
September 27 2016 05:44:39
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
wow, you got a beat to this and that's doesn't sound easy but it worked perfect.everything sounds awesome! like this a lot
+2 September 27 2016 05:57:39 Major 3rd 2underpar
Thanks Major. A few beats snuck in at times. Glad you thought it worked.
September 27 2016 04:44:49
Wonderful touch of coolness here my friend !! Great you can feel this as you do :) nice work :) I checked out you youtube :) cool you do this :)
+2 September 27 2016 04:52:45 HiFiFlutes 2underpar
There is plenty of room for some great adds. Trumpet? Conga? Heavy Bass? Screaming Guitar?
September 27 2016 03:00:08
Nice to hear some true drums on this kind of stuff, Bravo !
+2 September 27 2016 03:51:06 Tofzegrit 2underpar
I'm kind of partial to the little jazzy hi-hat work @ 2:24 and 3:40. Glad you liked it.

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