That funky feeling

Remix step #3 (playing)
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Drumshticks1198 jams Supporter
+ 6
So many tracks so few arms ,tried this one on .Great guitar and bass playing guys Tom and JM .The bass made it for me .G


October 06 2016 10:02:34
Lovely Steely Dan and AWB feel from everyone, wish I could spend all day in a studio, might get some singing done ;D
+1 October 06 2016 15:29:54 gwailoah Drumshticks
Brian you are my biggest fan thanks for all your comments.I worked out a deal with my wife that I do not play too long or if she is working at home. Even E drums are noisy,sounds like a wood pecker from the next room.G
October 07 2016 05:22:36 gwailoah gwailoah
Ha! Cheers Gregg! I always enjoy the heart and fire you put into your adds. Happy to jam with you whenever I can!
September 28 2016 17:12:40
Speaking of funk, I'm surprised you haven't put your drum technique on this one man ... #84546 .. of course .. U can't do 'em all!

September 27 2016 22:04:59
Excellent playing Greg, great track, wish I played something besides bass so I could join!!
+0 September 27 2016 23:47:46 Ernie440 Drumshticks
Ernie though the magic of the internet I can upload to Tom's original track.G
September 27 2016 23:51:25 Ernie440 Ernie440
haha man! true .. you're funny. I also meant JMB's track is so perfect and good ... it would be kind of redundant of me to do that!! LOL ... just enjoying yer groove brother! :)
September 28 2016 02:42:34 Ernie440 Drumshticks
Ernie we all bring something different to the table ,me I like ciabatta bread .G
September 28 2016 15:10:03 Ernie440 Ernie440
haha man, this is true ... but I tend to avoid bread and gluten but I get lots of gluten in beer .. haha! I eat things like buckwheat and millet ... buckwheat pancakes for breakfast today! Could talk bread all day with you brotha Greg .. hehe
September 28 2016 17:14:43 Ernie440 Drumshticks
Will have to try that ..we are all about grits here , me potatoes any way they are fixed .Great playing ,the no so average white mans band band rides again.G
September 28 2016 17:16:09 Ernie440 Ernie440
Thanks .. I love potatoes!! Just harvested some organic bushels out of my garden ...
September 27 2016 19:02:14
groovy !

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