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I really admire this track, and hopfully it's not too busy now. The mix was a bear, so please don't shoot me if it's not perfect. It's a bit longer now to try and showcase all the great players before I came along =) Maybe there is more room, I'm not quite sure? A terrific lineup, and thanks for the opportunity!
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Sounds real good Bruce, You would never know the mix was a bear ): Jammin jam right here my friend ... NICE WORK !+2
September 28 2016 03:03:48
Leftdaloops1019 It's hard to kill a bear when all you've got is your native flute in hand, Remember when you are out trying to get some solitude from the chattering squaws always bring an elk's horn all sharpened, just in case you smell like food. +2
September 28 2016 04:29:03
Psycho But Chris you get the honor a a Gem story :) Thanks for the kind words !! +1
September 28 2016 04:39:00
Leftdaloops1019 Hay! Hey Hay did I not say this Rocked! We'll it must have I stayed long enough for a story! and More! +1
September 28 2016 04:41:12
Psycho Indeed, and the Chris story is a dandy :) +0
Great rock track by you all!! Everything is in the right place and very well played :)+2
September 29 2016 00:07:33
Psycho Thanks a bunch G... was a good one to follow along too. Fun stuff :) +0
Hey Bruce. Awesome, No story here you guys did it all.+1
September 28 2016 04:27:41
Psycho No way... I actually kept a Gem story from being told. Not sure that is a success or not :) thanks man !! +0
you guys are amazing :)+1
September 29 2016 00:03:15
Psycho Thank you Andrea... the guys were on top of their game so it was a must try :) +1
September 29 2016 00:04:28
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Great before I got a hold of it! But I gave it a shot, thanks Lenny :) +1
Hey man this is awesome!! Excellent work my friend it's good to jam together!!
Thnx a lot I love it, & mix is good :) :)
September 29 2016 00:06:45
Psycho I hope it is ok, I was really concerned with the mix and making sure all the highlights came out. And I hope most did. This has to be one of the cooler rock jams I've heard... thanks for putting it up :) +1
Very good Psycho!:)+1
September 29 2016 00:09:14
Psycho Thanks Mish... Good rocker for sure. Thanks for listening :) +0
sounds great :)+1
September 29 2016 00:10:33
Psycho Thanks abu... was touch and go and hope it 's not too busy... that's why I made it a bit longer :) +1
First- great lineup !! You built some great tunes here Bruce :D Much fun to listen :) And I like that mix too, for me it sounds great !! :)+1
September 29 2016 00:11:44
Psycho Indeed, this is one of the cool rock jams here... you know me, I had to give it a shot :) +1
September 29 2016 00:13:31
Psycho Thanks David... had some good and not so good times trying to figure out what to do here... so made it longer for starters :) +1

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