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very cool drumtrack :)+1
ADAM! just got carried away on this one pretty bad, got it blastin thru my headphones and been poppin and slappin my bass pretty hard for the last twenty minutes or so... thanks for making my morning with this one, its been a long time since I played ANY bass, and this groove realy got me goin...+0
You make my day here... Love ya Bro!+0
Now Adam my response - that is great stuff for more, you see and listen what come up there..thx for share this with us!! :)+0
Just like having a live drummer here to jam with and not just something to keep time with. Nice job Adam.+0
Yeah MrAdam. ... and the sun is shinin' and the sky is blue ;) That's the spirit!!! It's awesome when good things inspire us. Good one!+0
impossible not to do bass impressions with your mouth!+0
muito bom+0
wtf how did i miss this one+0

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