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November 22 2016 07:13:10
davidaustindavidaustin I keep finding these great tracks Gemmy, awesome.
+1 November 22 2016 07:14:18 davidaustinGemmyF
Thanks David!:)
September 30 2016 06:34:02
FrankisaurFrankisaur Sweet

September 28 2016 20:29:14
pniveiropniveiro Great, always hear and enjoy !!

September 28 2016 18:35:40
mortheolmortheol "We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey!"
+1 September 28 2016 18:37:17 mortheolGemmyF
Yes it does!
September 28 2016 14:41:40
DemianDemian Super! one more time
+1 September 28 2016 14:51:58 DemianGemmyF
Thanks Demian! Thanks for the listen!
September 28 2016 14:04:10
DrumshticksDrumshticks Take the land , Jehovah Nissi . Great song Jim definitely get the spiritual meaning.G

September 28 2016 06:52:42
serioussseriouss love it, greetings from provo !
+1 September 28 2016 13:39:21 serioussGemmyF
Is it Nice there?
September 28 2016 17:32:31 serioussseriouss
yes, I have to days off now waiting for spare parts from germany because customer wired up the machine with 400 instead 208V, today I will drive around a bit.
September 28 2016 17:39:51 serioussGemmyF
Is that why your Avatar has his head on his hand and sighing. saying "I see stupid people" Oh well as long as "they pay" for it then enjoy your time!
September 28 2016 17:53:39 serioussseriouss
Actually my company send them wrong drawings and we have to pay for it.
That is some graffiti i photographed in Lubljana some years ago, but really looks a little like me I think.
A pawn in a chessgame played by some strange people.
Sometimes I just do not understand where they get all that self-confidence from.
September 28 2016 17:55:47 serioussGemmyF
No introspection can lead to that. Always good to have some of that!
September 28 2016 06:50:49
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

September 28 2016 06:01:37
AKchenAKchen amazing !!! what a very great song, this is so Talking Heads again it

September 28 2016 05:19:25
BothenBothen Excellent tracks Jim!!
+0 September 28 2016 05:24:57 BothenGemmyF
Thanks Ron. Was standing outside on my driveway kind of marching or bouncing to this rhythm while playing my guitar(amp less) and going through the progression and scatting, then recorded scatting and playing the recorded guitar on 2 simul tracks, and then found some words. And sang for real. I'm pretty happy with it, but it's the next day where the criticalness comes in, then the apathy, oh it's ok, then ....

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