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LYRICS BELOW IN COMMENT SECTION...wouldn't fit hereI added rhythm guitar, keys, Bass, lyrics and vocals.
Needs Lead Guitar to go from end of vocals up to Franky's outro lead..Might be cool to do harmony with it or mirror the outro as I didn't get it loud enough ;O(
thanks for listening and thanks to Franky, Carol, Baer for such a nice template.


September 30 2016 19:10:04
absolut cool singing and excellent Lyrics ;o)
+1 October 03 2016 18:39:39 Uloisius Major 3rd
thank you Ulo! ty very much ;o)
September 30 2016 14:15:28
Nice one Msjor! So good and great vocals! :)
+1 October 03 2016 18:40:05 Stef Major 3rd
ty Stef, for your kind words...;o)
September 30 2016 04:58:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)
+1 October 03 2016 18:40:15 Lenny Cowler Major 3rd
ty bro ;o)
September 30 2016 01:24:28
You've got that excellent voice to sing this track Major, really like this style of singing from you! great track!
+1 September 30 2016 01:57:20 aleonz Major 3rd
thanks so much for your nice feedback...;O)
September 30 2016 01:08:55
Craig Hot Dern Man Can't believe you don't live in Alabama or Tennessee? You are a Southern Rocking Moddy-foddy! when you sing!
Great Job!

+1 September 30 2016 01:57:51 GemmyF Major 3rd
moms side from NC....;o) thanks Gemmy! ;o)
September 30 2016 02:02:21 GemmyF GemmyF
There you go!
September 30 2016 00:52:03
Very nicely done. The whole feeling is exceptional. Love it. :)....and I love that you put in all the time to get to this point. Well done.
+1 September 30 2016 01:58:37 JDF Major 3rd
JDF thank you very much my friend...;O)
September 29 2016 19:34:56
Major, This is a great song and addition.
Your lyrics and singing are very moving.
Nice work:)

+1 September 30 2016 02:21:07 mortheol Major 3rd
Thank you very much Mortheol. I appreciate your words...glad you enjoyed it...;o)
September 29 2016 13:39:26
nice one buddy:);)
+1 September 30 2016 01:59:25 petebass Major 3rd
ty bro!
September 29 2016 12:08:19
Beyond the words of this song, I am very impressed with the musical arrangements you added... you did a very great job !
+2 September 30 2016 02:03:50 Caroljoyce Major 3rd
thank you so much Carol...;O)
September 29 2016 12:05:23
oh this addition is exceptional! and so unexpected! These words resonate in my heart as a reality when I think about my dad who certainly must have felt this kind of despair before committing suicide. His sudden departure will always remain a mystery to me, and I will surely wonder "why ?" for the rest of my life, what could he think of before this act of self-destruction? In a way, you answer my questions here. Thank you very very much Craig ! I have no words to express my gratitude... Tears are runing...
+3 September 29 2016 12:24:23 Caroljoyce frankyguitar
Oh my dear, This is the final act in a long painful full Drama! And some people find no way out of the fog and the world and the live is only a load is wrestling you to the ground.
So sorry for your lost......
September 30 2016 02:02:56 Caroljoyce Major 3rd
Dear Carol first off Im saddened to hear of your father and it brings tears to my eyes as well....yes, life can sometimes just get too much resistance on every level...pain, anguish....Obviously I feel those things...its not easy for any of us. The hope is we can all be there for each other..and realize our unity....If somehow the lyrics helped you understand than all my life playing paid off in this one comment...sending a big hug...thanks Carol

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