Jumpin Boogie Blues

Remix step #5 (playing)
United States


GemmyF799 jams Supporter
+ 7
added guitar and HD guitar track for remix(320kmp3)
Seems like someone could play while I'm playing toward the end--An Overdriven harmonica , Overdriven guitar
There is the HD track if you need to bring me down in the mix


September 30 2016 02:55:55
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
sweet licks and perfect guitar tone.....can't stop jumping! ;o)

September 29 2016 18:22:06
Bluesgrooving! Cool playing Gemmy!
+0 September 29 2016 18:26:21 Marceys GemmyF
aw man ya'lls the real deal on, this here, song. (blues man speak) I was just glad it was here to jump on that train!
September 29 2016 16:14:22
cool one Gemmy...
+1 September 29 2016 16:17:36 slin GemmyF
Thanks Slin, It is a hopping band!
September 29 2016 15:54:47
Nice one Gemmy
+1 September 29 2016 16:16:33 jmrukkers GemmyF
Thanks Joe, some grinding sax would be a great add!
September 29 2016 04:52:50
great song

September 29 2016 04:40:57
Really nice add Jim!!
+1 September 29 2016 04:47:53 Bothen GemmyF
Thanks Ron!
September 29 2016 03:11:35
Ey! Nice blues, man! Great feeling. Thank for joining
+0 September 29 2016 03:27:26 Guille078 GemmyF
Thanks! sure was fun! it sure is jumpin' And you tore it up!
September 29 2016 02:25:12
Some great fills in there Jimmy boy and some really wicked Texas blues guitar lead in there, well done my good man! Ya'll had my toe tappin. Thanks for the join bro! Hey I don't feel so bad about missin' bluesday this week now.. :)
+1 September 29 2016 02:27:43 Ernie440 GemmyF
hope I'm not to loud at the beginning.
September 29 2016 02:28:31 Ernie440 Ernie440
Sounds good to me!!
September 29 2016 02:34:01 Ernie440 GemmyF
it was super to join in with you and Marc and Baer, talking about floating the boat.
September 29 2016 13:10:22 Ernie440 Ernie440
hey don't forget the master of Keys ... Stefano! :) You knew Baer is actually Dick on the drums?? :)
September 29 2016 14:27:12 Ernie440 GemmyF
yeahThink he is Mr Snuts too., and Marc is Marcy
September 29 2016 14:28:39 Ernie440 Ernie440
haha ... I thought Stef was on this for some reason ... brain scan time!! Yea 'ole thyme brain pan scan ... yes sir ... and good morning!
September 29 2016 14:30:39 Ernie440 GemmyF
Well no that Tof and Marcy both have the purple avatar you really have to look to see which of the two it is. And Stef also IS the keys master for sure too!
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