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Remix step #4 (playing)
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added Vocals on this,
I also sandwiched in HiFiFlutes in this and panned him mostly right( from #84925)
and moved the previous DavidAustin, Piper and Sir Ronald of the Morthel Castle.

HD vocals included as 320K mp3 for remixers and sandwich-ers


September 30 2016 18:32:59
Baron Gemmy von Shire Tex, Sir Ronald thoust bestows his royal seal of approval upon this magnificent composition.
I grant you free passage to continue forth in Wikiland:)

+1 September 30 2016 18:37:46 mortheol GemmyF
Too-est thine Castle Sir Ronald of Morthel?
September 30 2016 18:43:54 mortheol mortheol
thee wilt traveleth n'rth, than east towards the most wondrous wat'rs.
September 30 2016 18:46:28 mortheol GemmyF
Thouest dwellest on yander coastal waters? nay.
September 30 2016 18:54:31 mortheol mortheol
Nay mine own valorous sir, t'is near the wat'rs those gents calleth the most wondrous lakes.
September 30 2016 18:57:24 mortheol GemmyF
Might it be thatith mine suit of armor mightith notith be madeith forith such climes
September 30 2016 19:00:13 mortheol mortheol
't wilt beest craft'd from the finest stainless steel. ;)
September 30 2016 19:02:14 mortheol GemmyF
yay nay nor wilt it beast as it is commonly know in yay Texas land asith a ShortJohn.
September 30 2016 20:26:49 mortheol davidaustin
methinks you've been watching to many movies..
September 30 2016 20:44:14 mortheol GemmyF
nay nay 'ole museo del the limey kingdom of the queen. Nay Nay and Wennie Wennie!
September 30 2016 22:24:05 mortheol davidaustin
Hollywood`s version of Camelot.. or Monty Python, that one was the best!
September 30 2016 22:27:58 mortheol GemmyF
Sir Ron of the Morthel castle is really Monty his bloomin' self
September 30 2016 06:38:15
+1 September 30 2016 21:32:43 Frankisaur GemmyF
Well Morthel said he played this straight from a dream so.....
September 30 2016 02:44:28
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Such great vocals and lyrics
+1 September 30 2016 02:56:49 Major 3rd GemmyF
Thanks Craig!
September 30 2016 00:36:35
i dont understand the sándwich gate, but i like
+0 September 30 2016 00:58:37 Demian GemmyF
I took the HiFiFlutes Mixed Play he made with just Mothel...and downloaded it. I also downloaded the Previous Morthel/DavidGuitar/Piper Track and brought them together, like a sandwich brings meat and tomatoes together.
If HiFiFlutes had uploaded a Flutes only track I would have used that. Because I could tell what He played would work with what the other three had played. So When I put them both on tracks for each file I panned the trio mp3 a little left and the Flute to the Right. Actually I Doubled the Flute Track and panned the 2nd one almost all the way to the left(As the Flute wasn't very loud in the original mix) So then I did my stuff as the Horseradish and ketchup and maybe lettuce. Thus the Sandwich!
September 30 2016 01:00:10 Demian GemmyF
And no I don't use horseradish or ketchup on a sandwhich--for the record.
September 30 2016 11:56:34 Demian Demian
Ah! ok, is a high couisine sándwich. congrats to the chef
September 29 2016 21:16:19
Sounds Super fantastic my friend !! Excellent work :) Thanks !!!
+1 September 29 2016 21:34:39 HiFiFlutes GemmyF
Thanks for the Flute on this--wished I had the flute only I could have gotten you in better. But it forced me to make a more spacious mix with you mixed track panned. Great Play BTW
September 29 2016 20:56:30
Hey, that's my castle and those are my knights in my realm!!!! ;)

I like what you did J/G you sound like your about 18 years old....ooh ;)

+0 September 29 2016 21:01:04 piper GemmyF
Clean living and no reverb!
September 29 2016 23:07:44 piper piper
Yep, ditto!
September 30 2016 00:02:11 piper GemmyF
you said Diddo!
September 29 2016 20:20:25
+0 September 29 2016 21:12:10 Uloisius GemmyF
Thank you Uli, it came from something Ernie said in a comment this morning on one of his tracks. Then I heard the trio's work and in the remix I saw2 HiFiflutes was all alone on his own track, so I went over and said...hummm he'd sound great with these three...And there it is! Thanks for the listen and Comment! Iwas enjoying listening to you an Tof's new album, have to finish, several I couldn't thumbs up as I had already done so!
September 29 2016 19:59:47
You are a very creative muso Gemmy, love it.

September 29 2016 19:41:31
maybe it should be the Castle Morthel?

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