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This is just a little jam which is based on a Classic Wham. I added a bass and an E.piano.
The template could definitely need some drums or percussion. A little more keys maybe a "real" piano as well. I think that a nice song would be an obvious add. I hope that you will like it and just join.
Peace n´Love


January 17 2017 22:30:54
Bright and cool !
+1 January 17 2017 22:51:51 titi Peterpingo
Thanks titi. Glad you like. :)
October 03 2016 00:44:35
Marcelo DMarcelo D
This is not just a little jam. its a wonderful jam. It has a great bright feeling of hope. Its a piece of music that brings good things to our hearts. Thanks for sharing bud. I only wish it was bigger.
+1 October 03 2016 20:43:30 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thank you so much Marcelo. Your words are really kind. Sharing notes and words with people on the Loops is truly a wonderful experience. As well to be the playing as the listening part. The Loops contains so many wonderfull people and so many fantastic minds. And you are definitely one of them. Thanks. :)
October 02 2016 06:20:51
Fantastic track Peter! You draw a magical atmosphere! Bravissimo! :)
+1 October 02 2016 06:35:19 Stef Peterpingo
Thank you SO much my friend. You practically make me blush. THX. :)
October 02 2016 05:06:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
awesome track:)
+1 October 02 2016 05:09:25 Lenny Cowler Peterpingo
Thanks a lot Lenny :)
October 02 2016 04:54:33
Fantastic playing !!
+1 October 02 2016 05:08:33 WHITEPONGO Peterpingo
Thank you very much Whitepongo
October 02 2016 00:47:43
:) cool, man !!!
+1 October 02 2016 00:50:22 jjdf Peterpingo
Thank you very much Jjdf.:) Alice just made a fantastic vocal add to it. :)
October 02 2016 10:41:08 jjdf jjdf
Yeah, I just listen to Alice work... great!:)
October 02 2016 00:17:46
It's really fantastic Peter !! Wonderful work and I love the add from Alice !! Thanx for sharing :)
+1 October 02 2016 00:23:31 frankyguitar Peterpingo
Thanks Franky. And I totally agree with you. Alice´s song just made me euphorically. It is so fantastic and she really made a beautiful song out of this. :) My thankfulness is indescribable. :)
October 02 2016 00:06:22
great template! :)
+1 October 02 2016 00:08:27 adu Peterpingo
Thank you Adu. I´m very glad you think so. Much appreciated.
October 01 2016 15:43:55
fantastic Peter,very nice play ,and clean sounds ,I like :)"fabuloso"
+1 October 01 2016 15:58:17 ivax Peterpingo
Thank you So much my friend. Your comments are very much appreciated and important to me. :)
October 01 2016 14:49:15
very nice, I'm curious what's coming ...
+1 October 01 2016 15:05:06 Pewi Peterpingo
Thanks Peter. :) Yes I´m Curious too. Maybe a nice Flute or Saxophone solo.....That would be nice. :)

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