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Sacajawea... helped Lewis and Clark find the way during their explorations =)

This is another acoustic piece... a little redundant, but hopefully it will get a couple adds... anything, simply anything will do!
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folk, country, southern, acoustic


A wonderful tune Bruce !! Such a nice melodic playing, high enjoyable !! :) Nice title too+1
October 01 2016 15:46:35
Psycho Thanks franky... tried to write a little western style piece :) +0
Yes she did ! cool jam buddy+1
October 01 2016 15:48:07
Psycho I bet there are many outside the states who don't know who she is. Thanks for the listen axen :) +1
A beautiful acoustic track Bruce! Your acoustic playing always exudes charm! :)+1
October 01 2016 15:49:41
Psycho Thanks, you're very kind Stef... I have my own style for sure but try to make each piece different :) +0
Such a nice piece Bruce :)+1
October 01 2016 15:50:45
Psycho Thanks Rob... any acoustic from me will be simple playing, but it's still a lot of fun :) +0
Bravo Bruce!!!! Love this track! Its not redundant.+1
October 01 2016 15:52:17
Psycho Hey Rel... long time no see !! Thanks man... a little redundant, but just enough to not be so obvious :) +0
Wonderful Bruce ! Super play :) super jam :) Thanks !!+1
October 01 2016 15:53:32
Psycho Thanks Chris, I heard your take on this and it's beautiful... I thank you for putting your touch on it :) +0
wow!!!Awesome bro:)+1
October 01 2016 15:55:38
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks Lenny... if you ever want to play on one of these I'll send you the guitar part only. I've stopped doing it to save server space :) +1
beautiful :)+1
October 01 2016 15:58:42
Psycho Thanks very much abu... I give these all I can muster, and still my hand won't work as well as I'd like it too. Good therapy though :) +0
wonderful Bruce.+1
October 01 2016 15:59:46
Psycho Thank you David... I might throw away the LP and just practice acoustic :) NOT ... lol !! +0
Nice template Bruce+1
October 01 2016 16:00:32
Psycho Thanks jm... having a lot of fun playing this thing, more and more each time :) +1

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