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added some vocals to this crazy little G ditty.
Thanks to Ernie440 and Slonyatko for their grat play!
also added vocals only for remixing!

Would have posted earlier but the wife sent me out to pick up breakfast tacos(you know that is like don't ya Frankyg)
and the CD that's in the car is the Crash Test Dummies--the song Superman. I was singing lower than that fellow! Wonder if they always recorded really early in the morning. Great time for the Bass notes ...


AHAHAHAHA!! That guy in the Superman song ... hilarious, a running butt!! One hit wonder dude. This is way better than that!! Well .. and way funnier too!! Fantastic, thanks for the chuckle!!+1
October 01 2016 16:49:36
Leftdaloops1019 yesterday I posted a link in the shout box to the full Spirit album 12 dream of Dr Sardonicus. SupJax commented sounded like Queensryche, and I commented back that the QR dudes were still pooping in their britches when this album was made(later found to be unfounded--as those dudes are too old to screaching like that) Then there was a poster on the shout box that was wanting us to join a revolution. I googled the title as I'm game for any revolution that is in fashion, you can call me CheChe, but could find a single reference to the revolution---So it must be pretty underground. Guess I'll wait for that bandwagon. +0
October 01 2016 16:55:00
Ernie440 haha .. I see .. well ... like I said time flies, pant fillers are now old men like us too ... soon to be fillin' our attends by the bucketful, lol. Revolution ... ?? I don't have the energy for that, other than the wiki jamming revolution! hahaha +1
October 01 2016 17:03:27
Leftdaloops1019 REVOLUTION--Me neither, sarcasm is a mode at times--depends if the coffee's been spiked, but I doubt it! +1
October 01 2016 17:12:14
Ernie440 You say you want a revolution, Well, you know, we all want to change the world ... +0
October 01 2016 17:14:17
Leftdaloops1019 Hopefully you didn't sing that line cause if you did, and you did it properly, your throat is gonna be sore. That John had a raspy voice! +1
You take the cake (or tacos)... but I like it. Jim Nabors sounds like Sandra Dee compared to this :)+1
October 01 2016 17:24:04
Leftdaloops1019 did you just say Jim Nabors. I'm flabbergasted. +1
Froggy from The Little Rascals sings!!! Sounds really good Jim, great fit.+1
October 01 2016 17:33:23
Leftdaloops1019 Ron it was either Froggy, Alpfa or Darla--not to be confused with Starla. So Froggy came on over! The only one available at this time in the morning! +1
I would send this to the Dr Demento Show.
Totally enjoyed!!
October 01 2016 18:05:19
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Gary! The high bar has been attained! +0
Wicked!!! :) awesome track! !:) :)+1
awesome Gemmy !! and very funny+1
LOL, Jim you are such a great entertainer !! I love this one!! What a cool Song, so Great !!! :)+1
October 01 2016 20:24:12
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks FrankyG--you see I mentioned you in the description! Ha Ha! +1
October 01 2016 20:34:21
frankyguitar LOL, I never ate tacos to breakfast, but had to buy German bun and some beer for the eleven hour beer LOL :D +2
Major 3rd
LOL you killing me....lololol awesome work Gemmy! thank you for the smiles+1
another great job Jim+1
"they won't evolve ..." LMFAO!!!+1
October 01 2016 21:01:43
Leftdaloops1019 I mean how can you evolve when you're too busy Revolving. It's just logical!*) +1

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