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During my musical hiatus years ago, I've learn so much thing, doing something 26/9 (Yeah it's even more than how Mc.D service), without doing what I really love, living by other people Idea of life, cos I was trying to make other people happy, cos "at the end of the day" there's only our own self left to talk to us, in a very honest, sharp, strong , no mercy way. It took me almost more than 9 years, till ...
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OH MY ......
What An indescribable surprise. Alice.....You you hit completely more than just the feeling in this add. I could write a thousand words to compare your description in your regulation to my own life. I´ll just say that this beautiful lyric totally blew me away. A "Thank" is almost to poor in this situation. You mentioned The crystal-sound of my guitar in the template. I have to add, that your contribution here is the pure touch of a Crystal Angel. I´m a VERY privileged guy to be in such a fantastic and creative company. T H X ! :)
October 02 2016 09:06:32
aleonz Peter! thank you once again for this beautiful track, I download it even before the song ended hahahha, was humming my melody and words for the first part, and it just flowed so good, thank you so much, so happy you like it .. +1
October 02 2016 11:42:43
Peterpingo Thanks again Alice. listening to your words and voice on this track makes it clear that there was a reason why I "found" the idea.
The sound of it is so fantastic and the "story behind" (the message) is so important as well to the two of us as for a great part of people world wide. :)
This is a very beautiful song Alice !! And I love the message!! Music has always been in my life. But until a few years ago (I found wikiloops) I was not clear how much I would love to express myself musically. That's what I always wanted without knowing it. Sadly, is not it? I would never have thought that I would be able to do a bit well to be able to make music here with all the incredibly good and talented musicians.
It changed my life. Your lyrics and your words speak to me so much from my soul .... thank you my dear for this incredible song :)
October 02 2016 10:02:12
aleonz I believe almost every human have this phase of life, those 2 times I packed my bag thingies are for music, till I finally being able to do it for living, and place like wikiloops and every musician I meet are the living guru who nurturing me, that's why I love to be around here even sometimes I just be able to listen and learn, so glad to read your notes Franky! thank you so much +1
Good to hear you sing again Alice! Beautiful and lyrics with a cool message! Great!+2
October 02 2016 09:01:59
aleonz hey you! thank you for stopping by. :) Trying to get my self back to be able to sing, tough..but always great to do it heheheh +0
Hi Alice, now can Sunday come, I will be happy:)+2
October 02 2016 09:02:46
aleonz You will have it soon Peter! hahaha, thank you for lend me your ears :) +0
I do not know how you always clean mix towards get. That sounds more perfect! Super Song Al! ;)+2
October 02 2016 09:04:37
aleonz oh this is really makes me happy Adu, still need to learn more to adjust the mix stuff, so good to have loops as a place to learn, thank you Adu +0
Nice usual+2
October 02 2016 09:04:54
aleonz Thank you Mario! +1
Beautiful works here !! Wonderful :)+2
October 02 2016 10:03:45
aleonz Thank you so much Chris! just listened to your wonderful track for this song! +0
Hi Al:)beautiful vocals, and a great track:)+2
October 02 2016 10:04:16
aleonz Thank you very much Pete! +0
A great story of your trek in life... and it shows in this beautiful song! A wonderful beginning again Big Al :)+2
October 02 2016 18:22:35
aleonz Always great to do this kind of story life kind of song Big Psy! thank you so much +1
Marcelo D
I can feel the passion in every note you sing. I will take this song with me to listen at the end of every hard working day I have just to remember the beauty you are showing me through your song and voice. So I will be able to smile, feel the passion and feel alive. The only bad thing about this song is that its too short. its so wonderful that I feel like listening to this for hours and not only two minutes. Thank you for sharing your huge talent and beautiful feelings with us Alice. Almazing :) ;)+2
October 03 2016 23:00:14
Marcelo D
aleonz Marcelo :) :) you always got a way to put a smile on my face, so good to have things to keep us moving on day by day. yeah it's short, but really good for laying a right straight at the point words :) hahaha, thank you so much for always listening me, and encourage me to be and do better Marcelo :) +0

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