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I'm sure I will have more ideas in the morning and will want to redo some of the parts to make them cleaner...that's just how it goes, but I THINK I was able to "add" without changing the focus of this amazing track.

Points to anyone who can name the TSO song I "morphed" the crescendo lick from :) :) :) :)


October 28 2016 02:00:45
abuitremoremabuitremorem super

October 04 2016 20:22:58
cschlotecschlote Nice!

October 04 2016 18:22:31
BothenBothen Love it!!

October 03 2016 10:33:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very cool Dan!! Excellent playing!!! :)

October 02 2016 18:47:20
PedersenPedersen I think it's really cool Dan, it fits really well ontop of the piano, good job man.

the only thing i find "off" about your work here, is actually the volume.. for the most part, the volume of your guitar is spot on, but on most of the high volume piano parts i think the guitar gets overwhelmed abit and falls behind the wall of piano. idk if this makes sense to you.

+1 October 02 2016 18:58:54 PedersenDanalyze45
Thank you Soren...You are absolutely right on the mix. I can correct that :) I am happy you like the track overall. Always great feeling when the ccreator of a track likes an addition :) :) :)
October 02 2016 17:15:57
PsychoPsycho Again, you give it that TSO touch... very good Dan !!

October 02 2016 13:08:55
slinslin beautiful playing,and a cool song...

October 02 2016 12:36:52
UloisiusUloisius wonderful track ;o)

October 02 2016 11:12:10
radusradus Very good one!

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