You Gotta Tell me What You Want

Remix step #3 (playing)


BossHen99 jams Supporter
+ 9
Liked the way the guitar riffs varied through the track giving the chance to bring different dimensions to the bass line.
Really appreciate any feedback on the bass volume in the mix, as the last couple of mixes I put up it sounded too loud to me, so cranked it back a touch this track.


October 09 2016 19:52:52
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho. ótimo, BossHen
+1 October 09 2016 21:31:50 francisco alBossHen
Many thanks :)
October 03 2016 18:48:35
slonyatkoslonyatko Yeaaah! That's pretty cool, bro!

October 03 2016 01:34:55
Major 3rdMajor 3rd great bass!

October 03 2016 00:06:34
ivaxivax great my friend :) i like very much
+1 October 03 2016 14:25:46 ivaxBossHen
thank you my friend
October 02 2016 18:35:17
pniveiropniveiro Nice bossHen, thanks for your add, for me, perfect play&sound !! :)
+1 October 02 2016 20:02:54 pniveiroBossHen
thanks for the chance to join great guitar
October 02 2016 16:06:26
BothenBothen First off, great bass line Boss. Second, if you have doubts of your level always put in an HD version for future mixing. You did that so if anyone wants to change your level they can. I like what you did here!!
+1 October 02 2016 16:30:27 BothenBossHen
many thanks and good advice on the HD file.
October 02 2016 15:44:57
ALawrence1ALawrence1 Volume sounds good but some other songs need a louder bass. Great best!
+1 October 02 2016 15:45:45 ALawrence1BossHen
thanks Andrea
October 02 2016 16:00:21 ALawrence1ALawrence1
I meant great beat! Cellphone keyboard malfunction.
October 02 2016 15:36:27
TG_StratTG_Strat Hey Boss, sounds good to me, don't think it's too loud. But I am not the best one to ask, as I have always problems deciding on volume of tracks :D .
+1 October 02 2016 15:40:10 TG_StratBossHen
I know I need to buy a decent set of speakers as only have my studio headphones ... but as i got a lot of new equipment this year may be me and my basses on the street if I do it this year ! Thanks for the feedback
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