pancreatic cancer blues

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It's been over a year now that my brother died of pancreatic cancer. I recorded this in August of 2014. A little more than a year before he went on, when we finally heard it was pancreatic cancer that was making him so sick. As the HD file I loaded on the Bass only file in case a drummer would like to play some drums on this. How I'd go about it would be to download both tracks, and put them in your ...
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blues, slow blues, nasty blues


I don't know how to comment this piece according to the facts.
About Music, I agree with Major: show ending with The Experience and Jimi, the guitar will be burned soon :)
October 07 2016 01:39:38
GemmyF the sadness comes and goes! Thanks--guitar still in one piece! +0
francisco al
bom trabalho. tudo legal. GemmyF+1
Powerful. Sorry to hear about your brother...+1
a very strong expression,with the guitar there. Gemmy...+0
October 03 2016 19:23:30
GemmyF thanks Slin! +0
awesome track ... and very meaningful+1
A very sad story. But a fantastic play. Again Gemmy you got me amazed.+1
Major 3rd
excellent Gemmy! Hendrix....;o)+2
great Gemmy Hendrix!+0
Great playing Gemmy.+1
October 02 2016 20:49:39
GemmyF thanks Keiton! +0
Awesome track Jim!! I don't know if this should be, but your records have mostly a little bit much db!+0
October 02 2016 20:03:33
GemmyF I have a limiter on it and set to -.05 or more
does it red line on your system I had this one set at -1 dbs
October 02 2016 20:07:20
Woodstock ok, its not overdriven, but most tracks on wiki are not so loud. +1
October 02 2016 20:24:13
GemmyF I have a tiny clip on at one note(as I just ran it through my sound editor)(yet I heard no Clip artifact or distortion), if you import in a sound editor does it have clipping? Maybe your sound out to your speakers or headphones is set too hot for a mix that is output at a -1 db setting. To me it seems I find a lot of tracks too low(ly) mixed. But it is interesting that when I looked at it in the dedicated sound editor program and it was staying mostly at -.05 to -.028 range and my mixer program(logic) is running the limiter on the output at -1 dbs. OK. Thoughts? +0
October 02 2016 20:26:55
GemmyF On you're comment that most tracks on wiki are not so loud....don't you know....we do everything bigger in Texas!!! Ha Ha HA +1
October 02 2016 22:55:08
KMstar I have noticed that when I play most wiki mp3 songs in my truck the volume is way soft compared to pro mixed CD's +2

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