Deep inside of you (fretless bass)

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There are few bass lines in this wonderful jam of Hurzel and Anne, I have chosen the Titi jam by feeling and beauty of the en harp with the voice of Anne, here my small contribution in the bassline with Marcus Miller fretless bass with deep tone amplifier setting


October 12 2016 19:46:54
AnneCozeanAnneCozean OH!!! talk about "deep," Mario. your small contribution is very grand!
+1 October 12 2016 23:23:50 AnneCozeanGlezBass
It has been a pleasure to participate in the jam, I love her voice and her work here in wikiloops
October 05 2016 06:21:52
titititi My god I had missed this my friend !
Grande fretless bass Mario :) Thanks for joining ;)

+1 October 05 2016 09:03:41 titiGlezBass
I know you like, it is an excellent jam
October 03 2016 16:55:16
slinslin very good add,on a nice song...
+1 October 03 2016 19:29:34 slinGlezBass
Thanks slin
October 03 2016 13:23:47
pklieschpkliesch Sensitive bassline. Surely wasn't easy to Play on this slow song. Super, Mario!
+1 October 03 2016 13:31:30 pklieschGlezBass
Thanks Patrick, he had its small degree of difficulty...
October 03 2016 10:16:58
UloisiusUloisius awesome ;o)

October 03 2016 01:46:56
PsychoPsycho Yes, a very well done line on a great song. That low end gives it a special touch :)
+1 October 03 2016 09:55:03 PsychoGlezBass
Thanks Bruce. I was satisfied with the bass line, sometimes when it is too slow beat requires more concentration to fit well the note, has been audible, the focus is the voice of Anne and the company Titi, of course the hurzel template... masterfully hurzel
October 03 2016 12:05:58 PsychoGlezBass
And the lyrics nice...
October 03 2016 01:35:32
aduadu smooth! :)
+1 October 03 2016 09:52:13 aduGlezBass
Thanks Adu

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