Burning the Pie

Remix step #2

Bass & Guitar:

PaulBOwens155 jams Supporter
Remix step #4

Bass & Guitar:

PaulBOwens155 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)
United States


Psycho718 jams Supporter
+ 20
This has been on the chopping block for awhile, and I finally ran across it. A really good one by the MPM band =)

Hope I didn't dice it up too bad?


October 28 2016 02:18:51
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Psycho. muito bonito, a tua guitarra completou legal

October 06 2016 03:45:29
Sadly I've missed a lot of music with my internet out. Trying to hear everything I missed.
This one is fabulous!!!
I can listen to you play like this all day...and all night...and the next day:D

+1 October 06 2016 03:57:33 mortheol Psycho
Thanks very much Ron... I try to hear all you guys and then see a post on one of mine, so I must respond asap (that's just the way I am) :) It is very hard to hear even a fraction of all the great music here. I do my best to listen all I can, but still miss a lot more than I hear. With that said, we all have connections go down, lives to live, etc, etc, and if you have the time to listen that's great. I'm happy you heard this. I had a fine time toying with it. And again, I thank you very much for the kind words ;)
October 06 2016 01:21:27
Good Stuff Bruce.. You nailed it!!
+1 October 06 2016 02:36:33 jimkarol Psycho
Thanks Jim, I really enjoy these, as you may have noticed :) :)
October 04 2016 21:03:39
Strong guitar line Bruce! Energetic and good flow! :)
+1 October 06 2016 02:35:44 Marceys Psycho
Thanks Marc... was another one to weep over... lol :)
October 03 2016 21:28:55
very cool Bruce... Floyd time!
+1 October 04 2016 00:00:28 davidaustin Psycho
Thanks David... I'm a huge David Gilmour fan, although I didn't try to emulate him here. I try to bend a mean string though, which really helps with these :)
October 04 2016 07:22:41 davidaustin davidaustin
it worked for me, great track.
October 03 2016 18:30:17
Nice sound!!
+1 October 03 2016 23:56:54 slonyatko Psycho
Thanks very much slon... appreciate you taking a listen... means a lot :)
October 03 2016 17:12:02
Great playing! Powerful and sympathetic in equal amounts! :) :) Top add.
+1 October 03 2016 23:56:13 mpointon Psycho
You drummer guys really are the key to what makes me feel what I do! Martin, this drum track is killer, then Paul and Marc make it even more of a challenge. I thank you for the beginnings of this whole dream :)
October 03 2016 14:19:57
awwww, what kind of pie?? haha ... sounds great man! Your guitar is singing nicely on this.
+1 October 03 2016 23:53:41 Ernie440 Psycho
Mince-meat? :) thanks Ernie... a nice comment my friend :)
October 03 2016 13:18:47
Great Sound and playing, as expected. Super song, Bruce! :)
+1 October 03 2016 23:52:34 pkliesch Psycho
Thanks Pat... that's a wonderful compliment... I do my best, especially if the mood is right :)
October 03 2016 10:34:21
wonderful add Bruce ;o)
+1 October 03 2016 23:50:13 Uloisius Psycho
Thanks Ulo... it was a trip to jam with these guys :)

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