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Well i suppose any french ppl will catch the twist in a blink but for everybody else you can read the rough translation that follows ;)
Who had this crazy idea one day to invent school?
It's the bloody Charlemagne - bloody Charlemagne
If i were in detention with him i'd give him hell
I'd slap him gladly and then break him two legs
Who had this crazy idea one day to invent school?
Who's the nut ? Who's the crazy guy ?
It's the bloody Charlemagne - bloody Charlemagne
I'd flatten his tires and throw acid on his beard
I'd burn what's left with alcool and there's the cure for smallpox !
I'd inject him with methanol and givgive him Colargol's face
I'd infect him with my measles feeding him my old Stimorol
Dun wanna go to school i prefer being filed at Interpol
Someone put him a flat cuz what i like is rock'n roll


November 06 2016 01:54:04
AnneCozeanAnneCozean acid on his beard!!! honey, you need some raspberries toot sweet...:) quite nice to hear your grit & gravel vocal. do you have a personal experience with Detention? :) that vocal intro was so sweet and perfect. thanks for the glimpse..:)
+1 November 06 2016 02:46:15 AnneCozeanOliVBee
mmmmmyes to Detention ! :/ hehe thank you so much :)
October 08 2016 18:16:18
MarceysMarceys Too bad you had this experience with school! I think school can be a fun and interesting time! :) cool to hear you sing here!
+1 October 08 2016 19:09:50 MarceysOliVBee
school can certainly be alot of fun :D ... this was mostly a joke hehe
October 06 2016 16:43:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler :) awesome:)

October 06 2016 14:18:12
titititi Ha ha :D

October 06 2016 09:37:59
JMB65JMB65 Je ne comprends rien, mais: très bon "mood". :D (What the hell is mood in french?) :)
+1 October 06 2016 10:06:11 JMB65OliVBee
thanks ! mood could translate in this case as "ambiance" or "esprit"
October 07 2016 02:12:29 JMB65OliVBee
i just updated the description with a rough translation ;)
October 07 2016 11:04:20 JMB65JMB65
Ah, merci beaucoup! Quelle bon esprit! :D
October 06 2016 08:05:31
radusradus Sounds very good, Oliv :)

October 06 2016 07:35:21
LieschingLiesching Ohh! He 's singin! :) Bravo, Oli!

October 06 2016 04:59:26
jamladyjamlady great great Oliv! :)

October 06 2016 03:36:41
Major 3rdMajor 3rd I don't know what your saying but it sounds great my friend...super!!!! ;O)

October 06 2016 01:43:29
axenvocsaxenvocs This So very good !

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