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chabada swing powah !!! :) here's a very rough translation of the french lyrics :

Who had such a crazy idea as inventing school?
It's the bloody Charlemagne - bloody Charlemagne
If i were in detention with him i'd give him hell
I'd slap him gladly and then break his two legs

Who had such a crazy idea as inventing school?
Who's the nut ? Who's the crazy guy ?
It's the bloody Charlemagne - bloody Charlemagne

I'd flatten his tires and spread acid on his beard
I'd burn what's left with alcool and there's the cure for smallpox !
I'd inject him methanol and make him Colargol's face
I'd infect him with my measles feeding him my old Stimorol
Dun wanna go to school i much prefer being filed at Interpol
Someone put him a flat cuz what i like is rock'n roll


October 08 2016 21:52:30
elmore59elmore59 Haha OliVBee, Renaud would be jealous on your lyrics.Swinging drums too! I like it! :))

October 08 2016 18:17:30
MarceysMarceys You did these rhythm track yourself? Very cool! :)

October 07 2016 16:36:51
WoodstockWoodstock Great track Olivier, a little bit gypsy feeling!! :)

October 07 2016 04:42:23
GBDGBD Feelings of many kids world wide.

October 07 2016 01:17:48
aleonzaleonz Cmon Oli, where is the translation, well i try to google it, and what I got is ...who have the idea to make the school, and you dont like to go to school, Great vocal Oli, you are a one man show!
+1 October 07 2016 01:21:26 aleonzOliVBee
Thanks Alice ! honestly i'm not surprised you don't get much out of a google translation hehe too tricky ;)
October 07 2016 02:07:22 aleonzOliVBee
i just updated the description with a rough translation ;)
October 08 2016 21:55:20 aleonzaleonz
Hah! thank you Oli
October 06 2016 23:23:58
NurgeNurge Excellent OliV. Très bon délire que j'entends là. Vivement qu'un bassiste amplifie le balancement. Très chouette, Bravo

October 06 2016 22:08:56
slinslin super cool OliVBee...

October 06 2016 20:51:56
titititi nice brushs for a vindictive song :)

October 06 2016 19:54:02
FrankieJFrankieJ Fantastic!

October 06 2016 18:29:19
aduadu Bravo oliv! I believe it is the first time i hear you sing. Very good voice:)


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