Such A Sombre Party Wah lead

Remix step #3


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Remix step #5 (playing)
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GemmyF599 jams Supporter
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Deleted previous upload as the Background Music and Nige's Vocal were going away on the"Chorus" part where I sing
So I boosted levels at that portion, even duplicated the track to bring it level with to my guitar/vocals---hopefully everything treat equally!
Also added the guitar HD 320kmp3 for remix

GREAT Template here by frankiejazz, danalyze45 and NIGE(on lead vocals)Thanks for you talents!


October 17 2016 18:33:35
2underpar2underpar Cool Jim.
+0 October 17 2016 18:36:48 2underparGemmyF
Nige did a super Vocal on this! I had to join in some!
October 17 2016 18:40:46 2underpar2underpar
Your guitar playing is stellar on this.
October 07 2016 16:30:04
WoodstockWoodstock Great Jim!! :)
+1 October 07 2016 17:02:32 WoodstockGemmyF
Thanks Woody!
October 06 2016 23:18:51
StefStef Amazing job Gemmy! Super track! :)

October 06 2016 23:14:12
axenvocsaxenvocs Great song

October 06 2016 21:55:51
slinslin cool Gemmy...
+0 October 06 2016 22:06:48 slinGemmyF
Thanks Slin! Nige had really got my interest level with his vocals!
October 06 2016 21:07:39
aduadu great singing man :)
+0 October 06 2016 22:02:23 aduGemmyF
just did the chorus part
Nige is the man on this!
October 06 2016 20:57:17
ivaxivax :D Awesome my friend
+1 October 06 2016 22:17:29 ivaxGemmyF
brought the stuff from my "jam" room into my work area so now I have my line 6 floorboard(the original one with wah and volume pedals(2000 or so))--it used to go into a Flextone XL but it got fried in a powersurge--and nobody could fix it. I had a bass-pod line 6 that works with it and just put it on a tube amp setting and I can use the wah and volume pedals. I usually use with several other sounds/amps, but it was great to just use the WAH on this one. Think I'll use it more often.
October 06 2016 20:43:39
piperpiper Cool Frank Zappa...wait! I mean Jimmy/Gem-Gemmy

October 06 2016 20:42:53
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great track Jim, very cool wah sound!! :)
+0 October 06 2016 20:58:11 frankyguitarGemmyF
Watch out Tee Gee--now you are NOT the only wah man!
October 06 2016 20:32:25
garymcmillgarymcmill Yes that works.
+0 October 06 2016 20:35:02 garymcmillGemmyF
Thanks Gary. The limiter I rum on my out some times does some strange stuff and I didn't critically listen on the chorus part--couldn't hear Nige's Backing Vocs or the Major track. Thanks for the listen. love this thing Nige did!

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