Right to the Hell

Remix step #4 (playing)


docnat311 jams Supporter

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Great energy, a sulphurous song. I interpret in my way the bridge not at all accurate but I think it works better that way. Thanks friends


October 09 2016 07:01:11
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good ride:)

October 08 2016 17:57:27
gioganottigioganotti magnificamente ;)

October 08 2016 10:59:00
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Only great here!! :)

October 08 2016 05:53:52
mortheolmortheol Super Docnat!:) Thanks for joining.
This needed some low end and this is perfect to me.
I was probably a little off from the main theme on the bridge part..but it all seems to work good:)

+0 October 08 2016 08:46:11 mortheoldocnat
My bass it's not so little out on the bridge it's completely out. I have played the track like i would like it be and not what it be the track on the bridge. You can better understand what i mean on the second part of piece, a chords progression more slow but power. Hoping that Ivax doesn't get angry. :)
October 08 2016 20:06:02 mortheolivax
Your bass in the false bridge is perfect, it is the magic of the combinations on a same scale :D Awesome Docnat
October 07 2016 23:30:16
ivaxivax :D:D Awesome sounds and rhythm bass super fun, perfect, thank you Docnat, I like more and more :)
+0 October 08 2016 08:52:13 ivaxdocnat
I apologize because I'm on my own on the bridge but so I felt the song :)
October 08 2016 20:11:24 ivaxivax
Actually the bridge is fictional, I always follow the same cadence, C and B is simply a loophole for a change of pace,:)
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