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So I got the idea to put some acoustic to this and give it a little fill. Then I got the goofy idea to also add a call and response. Well my response got a bit ahead of the call in some spots... a bit different!

I uploaded it anyway because Pete made a fine track and I think it's doable =)


October 08 2016 23:31:57
Smokey! great bluesy ride Big Psy! tapping my feet floating with the track, sweet!
+1 October 09 2016 02:41:12 aleonz Psycho
Thanks Big Al... yes like the Smokey Mountain Blues. Mucho good times :)
October 08 2016 20:32:20
sounds great :)
+1 October 09 2016 02:39:42 abuitremorem Psycho
Thanks abu... was a really fun ride jamming with Pete and DFD :)
October 08 2016 16:02:24
Fantastic blues from you and Pete! Love this great sounds! So good Bruce! :)
+1 October 08 2016 17:12:27 Stef Psycho
I had some good times working on a plan for this. Although it sort of came together as I went, so I guess instinct took over in the end. Thanks for the very nice complement Stef :)
October 08 2016 15:02:28
Hey Psy,thanks loads buddy for this great add, love it, really pads it out,always cool to jam with you-cheers:);)
+1 October 08 2016 17:10:09 petebass Psycho
I think this is one of the cooler tracks you've done. You're a very talented guy indeed. I had a lot of fun trying to add, but still keep "Pete's Sliding Bluez" in tact... hope it worked? Thanks for the opportunity my friend :)
October 08 2016 12:50:11
great track Bruce.
+1 October 08 2016 17:05:44 davidaustin Psycho
Thanks David... again this where I learn from you about keeping things in check, a style you are very proficient at :)
October 08 2016 18:18:35 davidaustin davidaustin
not so sure about myself but this is very cool playing.
October 08 2016 11:14:47
Very doable!
+1 October 08 2016 16:50:07 garymcmill Psycho
Thanks Gary, yes, I guess it is doable, Andrea sure did a fantastic job singing on this :)
October 08 2016 11:06:57
Fantastic Bruce! Awesome!! :)
+1 October 08 2016 17:04:18 frankyguitar Psycho
Thank you franky... very different than what I've done here before. That made this one very special :)
October 08 2016 10:42:21
+1 October 08 2016 17:03:05 fanne Psycho
Thanks John... I was fascinated by what Pete did here that I jumped at the chance :)
October 08 2016 08:39:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 October 08 2016 17:02:04 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks Lenny... very different from the norm, so it was that much more a trip to try out :)
October 08 2016 07:47:34
Great add Psycho!:)
+1 October 08 2016 16:59:06 Mishteria Psycho
Thanks Mish... was a cool track to try. Gave me some fits, but worth it :)
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