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A work in progress that some might like to have fun jamming on or adding to :)

Apologize for the timing gaffs on the piano part :( Still working on keyboard skills...I'd be stoked if any of our keyboard players would want to re-work that part all the way through. Let me know and can figure out how to make that happen!


November 16 2016 07:15:34
1969orange1969orange can't say enough about this beautiful composition!

November 15 2016 16:17:00
NavotaNavota Great sound love it very much

November 12 2016 20:17:55
GaryAGaryA nice, but i honestly think the bells ruin it.
+1 November 14 2016 19:36:22 GaryADanalyze45
In hindsight I agree :) I think I was putting them there as guide melodically to key off when I added second and third guitars. Can't remember for sure though :)
November 16 2016 00:03:49 GaryAGaryA
I love everything you always do on here. Can you maybe put a 2nd version up without the bells?
November 16 2016 01:24:37 GaryADanalyze45
thanks man and yes I will work on tonight :)
October 15 2016 01:25:33
MidoruMidoru Very nice, Dan - beautiful melodies!

October 10 2016 21:27:30
HaffastHaffast Dan, I love this!!!!

gorgeous melody! Can be taken anywhere with ease! I think I might have to throw something down - even if just quick and dirty... This will scratch my Yngwie, harmonic minor itch for a while.

Beautiful track! So much emotion!!! :) :) :)

October 10 2016 00:54:11
Major 3rdMajor 3rd excellent!

October 10 2016 00:30:30
ItocpogoItocpogo Very creative playing and theme!

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