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This template is actually a very old idea. A "song" I made years back without having the inspiration to write any lyrics for it. It has been placed "at the bottom of a desk drawer" for years. But I got the idea that some of you wonderful people on the loops could maybe do something with the song. This is of course open for any adds, and I´m quite excited to see what and if anything comes out of ...


There are moments when I'm sad that my English is so limited. Now is such a moment !! A fantastic work from you!+0
October 19 2016 04:45:48
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. Sorry I didn´t see you comment before now. Thank you so much for you kind words Peter. luckily we have google translate. As a matter of a fact it´actually a shame that my german is so bad. Considering that the language is spoken in a country right "down under" mine. :) +0
So glad you still keep this wonderful song Peter! this track have that beauty feeling, guess you dont need to look for some inspiration, cos it live in you! thank you for sharing this lovely track+1
October 11 2016 13:18:34
Peterpingo Thank you so much dear Alice. Very kind words. The lack of inspiration on this one only came when I should write a lyric for it. But luckily There is people around here on the Loops that really knows how to do that. :) +0
Wonderful template Peter! So cool! :)+1
October 11 2016 01:16:13
Peterpingo Thank you very much my friend. :) An old idea I thought I should give a "re-birth". :) +1
beautiful work - bravo :)+1
October 11 2016 00:45:29
Peterpingo Thank you very much abuitremorem, O´m very glad you think so. :) +1
I think that you had composed a really great template. It is really wonderful track。。。Great Peter.+1
October 10 2016 23:45:53
Peterpingo Thank you very much Keiton. That is very kind words. Very much appreciated. :) +1
Such a nice tune Peter! :)+0
October 10 2016 23:15:01
Peterpingo Thank you very much Franky. :) +1
beautiful chords Peter :)+1
October 10 2016 17:16:19
Peterpingo Thank you so much my friend.
(Frankly they are quite simple) :)
Hey Peter,super template buddy:);)+1
October 10 2016 14:55:45
Peterpingo Thanks Pete. I am pleased you like my "old song". :) +1
Major 3rd
really like this one Peter...you compose some wonderful songs....dwnld for someday soon..;o) very great idea and playing...love it+0
October 10 2016 15:01:57
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Major. That´s a very nice compliment. This is just a couple of chords I put together a day many years ago. And for some reason I "found" them again somewhere in my "memory-box". :) +0
very nice peter :)+0
October 10 2016 02:58:43
Peterpingo Thank you very much Chris. I´m glad you like it. :) +0

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