Breakfast with Ham and Olive Oil

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GlezBass822 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)


GlezBass822 jams Supporter
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Following my sessions brush on my tin of chocolates, I leave a track with jazzy brush Bulerias (Flemish style), thanks to its excellent Tyros4 piano session fully capturing the essence of this musical style Spanish jazz. Attentive to 3.30 minutes where you get in the groove beats the typical Bulería is usually done on a drawer flamenco

The title of the jam: In Spain is very typical breakfast with toast with ham and olive oil and tomatoes, a delicious breakfast that encourage you to try whether yours is my country
You can get a very jazzy rhythm with some palms, a pounding beat on the pickups on electric bass (simulating a drawer flamenco) and a brush on any surface (in this case a tin box of chocolates)

I hope you like it and you feel encouraged as Itocpogo (Dan) to your jazzy jam sessions bulerias


October 10 2016 23:59:56
tyros4tyros4 Con las escobillas queda mucho más completo
+1 October 11 2016 00:10:32 tyros4GlezBass
tiene un aire mas jazzy....aunque suene a "lata" jaja q no se nota nada , hoy se la pase a mi sobrino q es percusionista profesional y no se creia q tocara en una lata de bombones jajaja
October 11 2016 00:12:33 tyros4tyros4
Jajaja claro esq suena muy bien
Yo creia que tenias una bateria y tocabas con las escobillas
No me imaginaba que era una caja de bombones jajajaja
October 11 2016 00:16:09 tyros4GlezBass
October 10 2016 23:59:37
tyros4tyros4 Me acuerdo que estuve casi 2 horas para grabarla
+0 October 11 2016 00:04:26 tyros4tyros4
Que tenia que ajustar bien el audio y el pc se petaba
October 11 2016 00:09:27 tyros4GlezBass
jj tienes q pillarte un teclado con sonidos autonomo y "pasar" del pac
October 10 2016 23:59:22
tyros4tyros4 Que bonitaaa

October 10 2016 23:17:42
Major 3rdMajor 3rd fantastic
+1 October 10 2016 23:20:16 Major 3rdGlezBass
Thanks Major
October 10 2016 22:00:18
KeitonKeiton Awesome Glez
+1 October 10 2016 22:01:23 KeitonGlezBass
Thanks Keiton

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