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piper966 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)
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GemmyF586 jams Supporter
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some unspoken word


October 12 2016 20:36:11
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
lol....love it! ;o) very cool!!!!

October 12 2016 11:15:19
Quirky, cranky and very good ;o)
+0 October 12 2016 13:42:43 Uloisius GemmyF
Yes it was cranky!
October 12 2016 09:41:54
whispering would fit :) great !!
+0 October 12 2016 13:45:56 AKchen GemmyF
OK whisper!
I was going to upload vocals on this--I decided against it and forgot to change the instrument! Sorry for the false advertising! but I was too lazy to pull it down and put it back up, plus I might have been tempted to do the Spoken word thing.......
October 12 2016 22:35:03 AKchen AKchen
oh no !!!
October 12 2016 22:39:16 AKchen GemmyF
just whisper! We can't get enough!
October 12 2016 22:43:41 AKchen AKchen
I tried something few seconds ago, but it doesn´t work ;)
October 12 2016 22:58:04 AKchen GemmyF
I think a sax --crazy sax here and there and maybe more drums, and a short burst of great lead guitar!
October 12 2016 09:06:33
A very good track... With a high potential. Bravo.
+1 October 12 2016 13:48:03 Caroljoyce GemmyF
Yes. We'll keep the fingers crossed!
October 12 2016 07:40:06
Awesome! Sounds like out of this world :)
+1 October 12 2016 13:47:30 radus GemmyF
Thanks Radus! Appreciate that cause you get a lot of great sound on your guitar play!
October 12 2016 13:51:12 radus radus
Thanx my friend but I couldn't catch you even if you run against me :)
October 12 2016 13:57:07 radus GemmyF
I need to run with you on a few of your compostions--I like to take some time with them and maybe sing. I have been doing what comes easy(which I think some do here) Waiting to see if Drunstchks plays drums.
October 12 2016 14:47:10 radus radus
It'll be awesome! And it's great compliment for me :) Thanx! That's why I add the tracks part by part :) I'm very happy when someone joins!
October 12 2016 14:48:39 radus GemmyF
it expands the concept and perspective!

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