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this here is
one guitar track recorded with 3 ins
1)My humbuckers are running into my basspod and wah on the floorboard--no amp just tube preamp--then put on a track amp simulation LoFi Clean with reverb
2) my piezo into my Vox ToneLab Le with a Hall setting
3) a midi line going into a synth instrument--Standup bass
and then
4)I duplicated the midi into a keyboard track with a Leslie speaker effect added.

Various adjustments to reverb panning gain ect on the timeline.
My Tip jar is out as this is how I sound when I play live by myself at art shows or coffee shops


October 18 2016 00:12:58
petebasspetebass Hey Jim,Awesome track buddy:);)
+0 October 18 2016 00:24:33 petebassGemmyF
Thank You Pete!
October 17 2016 02:40:14
DemianDemian This is really cool creative track. The sound is complex but very clean!
+0 October 17 2016 02:49:16 DemianGemmyF
Yeah it's because it all the same play on separate channels with different effects. So it's really tight because of the one play, yet really wide due to the 4 different sounds! I play this way live, it's(the wide sound) really obvious if I'm by myself or just a drummer or maybe an added sax player--plus my vocals! But I'm not doing that much these days.
October 17 2016 03:09:10 DemianDemian
I understand, very good way to play and record too. And other thing the tempo is obviusly just one, not the beat rate tempo i say the human play tempo
October 16 2016 18:06:42
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Pretty slick jam you have here sir !! Awesome playing for sure !!
+1 October 16 2016 18:12:13 WHITEPONGOGemmyF
Thanks Chris!
October 12 2016 19:27:08
KeitonKeiton Great playing with nice ideas Gemmy.
+0 October 12 2016 19:36:33 KeitonGemmyF
Thanks Keiton!
October 12 2016 16:41:21
slinslin cool one Gemmy...

October 12 2016 12:29:04
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce I like it very much.

October 12 2016 07:34:53
radusradus Wow! It's super cool, man! Great sound :)

October 12 2016 06:26:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

October 12 2016 06:03:12
Major 3rdMajor 3rd wow! nice work you sound wizard! IM envious! wish i could get those sounds...Im learning but truly this is awesome Gemmy! sure is! love it...oh and of course the composition itself is amazing...where's the 3 thumbs button? ;o)
+1 October 12 2016 14:57:14 Major 3rdGemmyF
This comment(is a 4 thumber) Thanks Craig!
October 12 2016 05:46:41
2underpar2underpar Super cool Jim. I'm feeling early Genesis. Wasn't expecting the abrupt end. Left me wanting more.
+1 October 12 2016 13:54:16 2underparGemmyF
Hey Bill 5 minutes I figured was long enough!
I love Early Genesis, which I knew about when I was a kid, but not as much as I have listened to them in the past 5 years--I have a guy I know from work is a huge Genesis fan and got me interested in the early work. I eSPCIALLY love Nursery Crimes album
October 12 2016 14:56:14 2underparGemmyF
Also my track was shutting down(i had alotted a big amout of of room and it was coming to an end, so I had to sart thinking RESOLVE RESOLVE--That's my favorite part of the piece. Glad you wanted more! Thanks for the listen!

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