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added vocals to Bruce's sad tune!


October 13 2016 00:05:30
I am amazed at what you do Gem... This is just fantastic !!! I know you improvise these and probably are the best "off the cuff singer" here. I can't imagine even trying what you can do. To meet you someday would probably be shocking :) Thanks very much my good friend for the great vocal... just can't say enough good about it :)
+1 October 13 2016 00:14:24 Psycho GemmyF
Thanks Bruce, wished I'd spent more time with this, but this one is what it is. Maybe I'll revisit this one. I've got a collection of your tunes now! Always for me the words are what I love on these, and they are definitely off the cuff but the music lubricates the thoughts! It's really cool to be a part of it! Thanks! for a great river to swim in!
October 13 2016 00:21:27 Psycho Psycho
;) Cool words !!
October 12 2016 22:45:19
Great Job! GemmyF
+1 October 12 2016 22:56:27 tullicbr GemmyF
October 12 2016 22:20:30
genious :)
+1 October 12 2016 22:33:43 AKchen GemmyF
Thanks! Andrea!Bruce can lay a great song track!
October 12 2016 22:37:54 AKchen AKchen
oh yes, he creates awesome songs :)
October 12 2016 20:14:58
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
way too serious! lol j/k GREAT VOCALS gemmy! ;O) beautiful..lyrics too
+1 October 12 2016 23:39:20 Major 3rd GemmyF
Craig! Thanks Man! I love the lyrics too. I just wrote them while listening online to Bruce's great tune! Then I hit download!(got a window where my wife was out this am and busted it out fairly quickly--as I should have been working) Was glad to do this one!
October 12 2016 19:45:29
Great Gemmy !! When I read your comment, it was clear you would come up with it !! Excellent !! :)
+1 October 12 2016 23:36:03 frankyguitar GemmyF
Thanks Franky! Bruce's song lend themselves to storytelling and expressing ideas that are floating around in my thoughts!
October 12 2016 19:43:35
It makes me so sad :)
+1 October 12 2016 20:23:02 seriouss GemmyF
there is defiantly a thread of melancholia through it! Are you back or are you in Ft Lauderdale again?
October 12 2016 20:25:11 seriouss seriouss
I am home since sunday morning. Family time...
October 12 2016 20:27:08 seriouss seriouss
I am not allowed to do what I want
October 12 2016 20:33:11 seriouss GemmyF
glad you didn't have to face that hurricane full on!
October 12 2016 21:34:23 seriouss seriouss
Yes, me too thks Jim
October 12 2016 19:41:28
very good Gemmy :) Fantastic,i love your singing
+1 October 12 2016 23:42:27 ivax GemmyF
Xavi, Thanks. Loved this one!(I asked Ernie if he felt like it to try the song I did on your play!--hope he feels it--it's a great song! Have it on a CD and was hearing in my car!)
October 12 2016 19:07:33
Excellent Gemmy.
+1 October 12 2016 19:39:13 Keiton GemmyF
Thanks Keiton! Bass?
October 12 2016 17:22:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 October 12 2016 23:43:16 Lenny Cowler GemmyF
Lenny Thanks!
October 12 2016 17:22:52
another cool one Gemmy...
+1 October 12 2016 17:28:39 slin GemmyF
Thanks Slin. Bruce's tunes always pull something out!

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