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Another great rock riffs template by Keiton, making me want to bang on the drums. lol I just had to give it go! haha Hope it isn't too amateurish. (I just started drumming again a few months ago.) Keep 'em coming Keiton. Great job on the rhythm guitar!
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Blues Rock Riffs


Heavy and powerful drumming again. Really thanks for joining me mate。+1
October 13 2016 19:09:50
JudgeDrey Believe me, the pleasure is all mine bro! I'm just really glad you enjoy it. And not just being diplomatic and polite hopefully haha.
As I mentioned, I don't have a long history of playing drums so I'm a little self-conscious of what I upload here on Wikiloops.
There a FAR more superior drummers here that's a fact. I just enjoy playing drums so damn much, I can't help uploading a drum track here and there if there hasn't been one added yet and the melody isn't too fast and complicated with odd time signatures, you know? I just try my best.

Thanks for the great riffs Keiton! I enjoy your tone and songs very much!
You play great drums man, a tad louder in mix perhaps ... Awesome !+1
October 14 2016 03:20:10
JudgeDrey Thanks a lot friend!That means a lot right now. Thanks.
So, do you mean the drums a tad too loud? Or that the drums could be a tad louder in the mix? I'm not quite sure what you meant, but thanks for the advice either way .
October 14 2016 10:51:55
axenvocs You're drums could of been a a bit louder for me anyway :) +1
October 15 2016 08:46:12
JudgeDrey Oh Ok. I get you now. lol
I will keep that in mind from now on. Thanks for the input!

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