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mortheol274 jams Supporter
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A beautiful ambient chill track form Piper.

I added some electric guitar and bass.

I played my new bass guitar..."Debbie-Lou"..for this. She is a Dream come true for me.

Patty I hope your Dear Friend enjoys this as much as I did playing it..:)


October 15 2016 10:39:41
The soft power of Your Debbie-lou rejoices me. You did well with adopting ''her''.
+1 October 17 2016 16:55:29 Caroljoyce mortheol
Thanks Agnes!:)
I believe "Debbbie-Lou" is happy in her new home:D
October 17 2016 20:38:12 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
Ron... What did you do with your hat ? is this a new lucky charm sign or a curse hanging over your head ...Brrr, it looks like a serpent eye.
October 17 2016 21:04:00 Caroljoyce mortheol
Agnes, I had my hat customized with my initial. It is an ancient Gothic script for the letter "M"..:)
I changed the color for you so it does not look like an eye:|
October 17 2016 21:11:09 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce no no no, surely not an eye, you're right (lol) Sorry Dear Ron, Ah you reassure me. The letter M..This is a very clever idea. What a scholar you are !
October 17 2016 21:29:52 Caroljoyce mortheol
October 15 2016 00:28:34
A new toy! That's the best times! You have made this piper track come alive :)
+0 October 15 2016 04:05:17 Psycho mortheol
Thanks Buddy, Im still a kid at heart and get excited for my new toys:)
October 14 2016 17:39:30
Sounds like your treating Debbie with a lot of respect.
+1 October 14 2016 17:41:38 garymcmill mortheol
Thanks Gary!:)
Well we are early in our thing progress I might get a little more wild with her..LOL:D
October 14 2016 16:54:45
Thank you Ron for such a beautiful add, I love the new girl!

+1 October 14 2016 18:52:27 piper piper
Those early dating phases can be a lot of fun ;)
October 14 2016 17:32:11 piper mortheol
I am glad you like it:D
I think I love her to ;)
We are still in the early dating phase..I have a lot to learn what she likes and how to treat her:P
October 14 2016 18:54:54 piper mortheol
Yeah..than it goes downhill fast, fancy dinners, jewelry, shopping, snuggling watching chick flicks:o
October 14 2016 19:22:26 piper piper
Maaaaah!!!! :P
October 14 2016 12:34:22
Great bass and guitar add. Cool ambiento track :)
+1 October 14 2016 17:51:41 Guadaña mortheol
Gracias David!:)
October 14 2016 10:54:00
Fantastic bro
+1 October 14 2016 17:49:31 axenvocs mortheol
Thanks Gary...Chillaxin' on this..LOL:)
October 14 2016 07:57:17
creative and cool... great name for a bass?
+1 October 14 2016 17:46:36 davidaustin mortheol
Thanks Dave:)
Well I have never named my guitars but I see others here why not.
Yep it's a new bass for me so I thought what the it.
"Debbie-Lou" seemed better for me than "Bob"..LOL
October 14 2016 07:51:32
sounds great, soft tunes, surreal,modern :)
+1 October 14 2016 17:48:36 AKchen mortheol
October 14 2016 07:44:55
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
Let there be LIGHTTTTTT! very nice my friend! super
+1 October 14 2016 17:53:06 Major 3rd mortheol
Yes Sir:)
Thanks Major!
October 14 2016 05:57:53
You always amazes if you play this kind of layering ambiant music!! Always remind it me at at the big Mr. BHead!! Maybe Electric Tears, funny- I listen it yesterday!! I like Debbie-Lou, sounds sweet here and think she looks pretty nice;) !?
+1 October 14 2016 17:57:48 frankyguitar mortheol
Ohhh Frank that is a big chicken bucket to fill..LOL;) But I like the compliment very much:D
If "Debbie-Lou" will let me I will take some sexy pictures and put on my homepage soon..:D

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